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Heated Bathroom Towel Rails

There is nothing worse than stepping out of the shower on a crisp morning to a cold, or even damp towel. Now you don’t need to. Add an element of style and luxury to your bathroom experience with a heated towel rack to keep your towels, and you, warm. Not only does a heated towel rail provide a stylish way to display your towels, it can also aid in drying damp material so you can avoid having to dry off with damp towels. 

Heat your room while you shower

With stylish designs, these ladder style heated towel rails not only add to the look of your bathroom, they make a real change in the feel. Literally heating your bathroom, towel rails are a savvy way to incorporate a heating element into your wet areas without using heated lamps or unsightly radiators.

These industry leading towel rails are liquid filled and are pre-fitted with a 150 watt electrical element that you can position on the left or right of the rail depending on your room requirements. 

Find the right size railing for your bathroom

Whether you’re fitting out a single person ensuite, or a large family bathroom, we have a towel range to suit your needs. Our range of rails start from 550x500mm and increasing to 1600 x 600mm with the ability to hang multiple towels, and heat larger spaces as required. 

Create a bathroom with style and comfort

Incorporating towel racks into your bathroom design is a great way to enhance the space and turn a common necessity into a luxury appliance. Complement your quality rails with high end bathroom accessories from our online bathroomware catalogue. Featuring a wide range of accessories such as toiled roll holders, soap dispensers, taps, soap dishes as well as basins, vanities and more, you can find everything you need for a finished bathroom on Waterware’s online catalogue. Looking for something extra special to give your wet room a unique feel? Why not explore our range of high end free standing baths? 

Our team knows quality, and can assist in all your bathroom and water needs. Talk to our team today to discuss the benefits of installing a heated towel rack in your bathroom. Visit us in our showroom, submit an enquiry form online or call +64 9273 9191