1 September 2019

Active Ceiling for the Commercial market is now available

What is an Active Ceiling system?

In mid-2019, we launched a radiant heating and cooling solution to the New Zealand residential market, originating from Europe and the U.S.
"Active Ceiling" is the name we gave this system, which works by delivering a uniform comfort level throughout your living space, providing comfort and energy where and when needed. Radiant heating and cooling systems are concealed in the ceiling, providing an environment of unique thermal comfort and health.

If you would like to read more about how Active Ceiling can benefit your home, check out our blog online or webpage for more information.

The next stage in our launch plan of Active Ceiling is to the Commercial market, which delivers heating and cooling through the suspended tiles in the workspace. Active Ceiling changes the way buildings are conditioned and reduces carbon footprint, with the direction global warming is heading it is clear the future is in radiant cooling.

Ideal for a wide range of applications

The Commercial Active Ceiling solution replaces like for like your everyday suspended ceiling system. It is designed to regulate room temperatures using radiant heating and cooling technology. Its exceptional performance and customizability make it thermally and acoustically ideal for a wide range of applications; from offices, schools and conference rooms to restaurants, hospitals and airports. Whether you're the main contractor, building facilities manager, installer, or client, you will enjoy the benefits that Acitve Ceiling can bring to your commercial project which include substantially reducing energy consumption and peak power demand, not to mention lowering your maintenance cost and the added health benefits of no air movement or dust circulation.



Installation is fast and easy

The system is compatible with gypsum tile from the gyptone range. Without a significant loss of efficiency, up to 64 tles can be connected in series directly to a manifold loop. No specialist certification is required for installation as the tiles are simply set into the existing ceiling suspension grid in the same way as traditional office ceiling systems, whilst ensuring easy access to the ceiling space to inspect other facilities. If needed, moving the tiles for maintenance is straightforward. 

There will be a range of different panel styles available for purchase, at the standard size of 1200mm x 600mm. All panels will be ordered on indent on a per job basis, with a leadtime of approximately 12- 16 weeks. 


The days of office air-con rivalry are over

No longer will it be a balancing act to achieve optimal comfort in the office space. Active Ceiling offers unrivalled thermal comfort; a perfect balance of heat exchange between our body and the surrounding environment.

Radiant technology enhances the feel of a uniform, natural temperature. The system is also quick to respond due to the speed of radiation. Bi-monthly maintenance will be a thing of the past reducing the running cost of your space.


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