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Gaurdian Apartments Case Study

The Guardian Trust Building was one of Auckland’s first high rise buildings, originally constructed between 1914 & 1918 from Kairuru marble and represents a very early example of Chicago-styled striped classical building.

This Category 1 Historic Places Trust building was renovated in 2003 and converted into a 180 apartment unit complex.
The conversion included a centralised hot water system that was proportionally billed to each apartment. Not surprisingly, some occupants were dissatisfied that the billing was not linked to consumption and requested independent water metering be retrofitted.
Being largely steel and concrete construction with limited access it was decided BMeters ‘Hydrolink’ wireless water meter system was worthy of a trial installation. The trial would test how effective the wireless data collection would be within the long, narrow and winding corridors of the buildings eight floors and the readings would ultimately show the occupants had cause for concern.
Rohan MacMillan, from MacMillan Plumbing and Gas, randomly selected two apartments per floor and installed hot and cold MBUS ready meters with wireless transmitting modules. During the next two months, two readings were taken using the USB wireless receiver and a laptop computer. Data from 11 of the 32 meters was transmitted and received in the lobby of the building, while the remaining 21 meters could be received from the 4th floor lobby and corridor.
The readings taken from the random apartment selection immediately highlighted massive disparities in consumption ranging from 1m3 to 16m3 during the first months usage confirmed with a similar result from the following months reading. It didn’t take long for the building management to conclude the trial was an unbridled success and the remaining 164 apartments were given approval for the immediate installation of the BMeters Hydrolink system.

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