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    Bmeters WMBUSRPT
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    Bmeters WMBUSRPT

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    WMBUSRPT Signal Repeater

    A signal repeater receives data from multiple wireless MBUS meters and re-bounces the signal up to 500m (in ideal conditions)
    Extend the range of the wireless meter module in order to reduce or eliminate the need for mobile data collection
    Connect geographically spread transmitters to a common receiver whether it be a USB receiver or GPRS transmitter
    Power supply: Lithium Battery 2 x 3.6V D size and pre-prepared for mains supply via DC3.6V 50mA adaptor
    Battery Life: 5 Years (depending on frequency of trnasmissions)
    Transmission frequency / power: 867.45MHz / 25mW
    Dimensions HxWxT(mm)= 160 x 90 x 60mm
    Protection class: IP65
    Configuration: wireless 
    Conditional guarantee: 5 YEARS parts and labour

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