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Why choose central heating?

Like the warmth from the sun, hydronic solutions use radiation and convection to spread warmth evenly throughout your entire home without hot and cold drafts or circulating dust.

How we do it

We work with you to provide the best heating solution for your home.

Customer brief

To get started we need to understand your expectations and preferences (as far as you understand them) along with what fuel options you have available at your location.

Copy of plans

So our tech team can calculate heat loads and begin to generate a system design, we need a basic floor plan in PDF format if possible.

System design and estimate

Our friendly tech team will design a system specifically for you and your home according to your brief and floor plan. We will contact you to talk over and fill in any blanks.

Engage a recommended Installer

Our independent installers are trained and approved in-house by the Waterware tech team. Following a site visit, they will transition the design estimate into a fixed price quote for your consideration.


Why should I choose Central Heating?

Central heating via radiators or underfloor will heat your entire home evenly and you can use a variety of fuel types. There will be no hot or cold spots as well as no air movement circulating dust which can aggravate allergies. Additionally, there will be no background noise as the systems are virtually silent.

Which is better, underfloor heating or radiators?

Radiator and underfloor systems share the same high level of comfort but each method has unique characteristics which suit some applications better than others. Underfloor central heating is the most discrete and most comfortable form of central heating and provides a constant temperature day and night. It won't compromise the interior of the house either as the water circulates through the pipes encapsulated within the slab, and you will also enjoy nice warm flooring.

On the other hand, modern radiators emit warmth via a combination of natural convection and radiant heat and has the most flexible control. They are suitable for a renovation or new build projects that use concrete or timber floor construction.

Will warm water central heating be a healthy option for my family?

Yes, definitely! Hydronic central heating does not blow hot air and therefore doesn't circulate dust, unlike other heat sources such as heat pumps, which can aggravate asthma and allergies. Rest assured your children and pets are also safe as there are no naked flames or elements to cause harm. Up to 80% of condensation problems can also be eliminated by installing central heating in an old house, as the system will dry out the structure of the home resulting in less damp air.

What are the running cost comparisons between different fuel types?

From best to worst (unless you have access to free wood); natural gas, electric heat pump, diesel then LPG. Estimated running costs are calculated when we generate your system design but will vary depending on perceived comfort levels, insulation levels, ambient temperature extremes, building design and construction and regional energy prices.

What is the New Zealand Institute of Central Heating (NZICH)?

New Zealand Institute of Central Heating Waterware is a member of the New Zealand Institute of Central Heating (NZICH) which is a community of industry leaders providing technical information and experience by facilitating best practise through training, to raise the standard of central heating in New Zealand.

NZICH represents those responsible for the design, installation, commissioning and maintenance of central heating systems.

Can I use my system to heat my hot water also?

The heating appliance has the capacity to be integrated and multi-task a range of extra duties including domestic hot water production and pool heating. The cost to implement this represents a significant saving over the cost of adding another plumbing system for hot water, so it's important to include these savings in the overall project budget.

Can I use a wood stove or a cooker to run my radiator system?

Utilizing a wood fired stove or cooker in place of a dedicated boiler is a nice option if you have access to low cost or free wood. This option combines the benefits of hydronic central heating and the ambience of an indoor fire, but consider it will require manual and continuous stoking of the fire to maintain output.

Is the water in the heating system the same as the water in my taps and showers?

No, the two water systems are kept separate. The hot water for taps and showers is either heated up instantaneously on demand, or stored in a hot water cylinder which is heated via an internal coil to keep the two bodies of water apart.

Why should I choose Waterware for my central heating?

We are an established industry supplier who have built our reputation as being technical experts of what we sell. Our full time technical team are dedicated to designing, training, trouble shooting and supporting the installer network to ensure our systems and products get installed properly. Comfortplus central heating systems have been heating NZ homes for 20 years using underfloor and radiator heating before it was common place.

Our trusted installers are independent technicians trained and approved in-house by our technical team to deliver on our Comfortplus promises nationwide. Each contractor has the benefit of knowing that they have the knowledge and support of Waterware behind them to ensure a smooth and effortless installation. If you're not already in touch with one already, we will make the introduction and you can rest assured the installer will keep in touch to ensure the system has an annual health check for years to come.

Can Waterware help me get started?

We appreciate most home owners find the decision making process complex and we are here to help you make the best choices. If there is any information not evident in your brief, our tech team will make contact to talk over any relevant questions.

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