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Gas, Diesel, Electricity or Wood

The heat appliance generates the hot water and is the heart of your heating system. In most cases the best choice will be influenced by the lowest cost fuel options available at your location. We represent the very best brands available in Europe and strict European emission legislation means we benefit from the latest energy saving innovations.

Gas Boilers

Gas boilers are the most cost effective option in terms of both installation and running costs.
Vaillant boilers are our premium range from Germany and are considered the best in the world by many. They achieve up to 112% running efficiency using the very latest condensing technology.
Fondital boilers are a high quality, non-condensing range from Italy and are ideal for budget conscious installations.

(Typical running costs NG = 0.07c/kWh, LPG = 0.18c/kWh) 

Gas boiler range
Gas Boilers

Diesel Boilers

The Ferroli diesel boiler has proven to be sturdy and reliable performer. 
The installation of a diesel boiler is typically more involved and costly than gas boilers but remain a good option for areas without natural gas.

(Typical running costs = 0.10c/kWh) 

Diesel boiler range
Diesel Boilers


Clivet air to water heatpumps scavenge heat from the ambient air and create hot water suitable for underfloor heating only.
They are extraordinarily efficient, up to 400%, which makes electricity a viable energy if gas is not available.

(Typical running costs = 0.07c/kWh) 

See heatpump range

Wood Boilers

Atmos wood or pellet boilers from the Czech Republic utilize advanced wood gasification combustion technology to produce high outputs and minimal clean air approved emissions.

(Running cost dependent on wood type and cost)

See Atmos boiler
Wood Boilers

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