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Dollars and sense

Affordability should consider the upfront cost and the running cost.

Below shows the estimated installation and running costs for a new 200m2 home based on a 0º outside / 20ºC inside temperature.

Running Cost Variations

Costs will vary depending on perceived comfort levels, insulation levels, ambient temperature extremes, building design and construction and regional energy prices.

Multi-task Savings

Most hydronic central heating appliances have the ability to multi-task and produce mains pressure domestic hot water. The cost to implement this represents a significant saving over the cost of adding another plumbing system for hot water so its important to include these savings in the overall project budget.

Product Origin and Gaurantees

When comparing alternative quotes consider the origin and guarantee offered on key components including the boiler, radiators and pipe systems. All of our key suppliers are from Europe and our warranty terms include labour.

Supplier Reputation

As with all major purchases, ensure you choose suppliers that are established and have a healthy track record. We are a well-capitalised, NZ family owned business that have been in the business of keeping Kiwis warm since 1989.

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