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Underfloor vs. Radiators

Radiator and underfloor systems share the same high level of comfort but each method has unique characteristics which suit some applications better than others.

Radaitor Central Heating

Modern radiators emit warmth via a combination of natural convection and radiant heat.

Lowest running cost

Radiators heat up quickly (within minutes) and can be programmed precisely around your timetable plus unoccupied rooms can be switched completely off.

Renovation or new build

When there is access below the floor, radiators are the simplest and least evasive to install.

Concrete and timber floors

Radiator systems are not dependent on concrete floor construction.

Underfloor Central Heating

The most discrete and most comfortable form of central heating.

Constant temperature day and night

Due to the large thermal mass of a concrete slab, it takes less energy to keep its temperature stable than allowing it to cool down.

No interior compromise

Warm water is gently circulating through pipes encapsulated within the slab so the system is effectively invisible.

Warm floors

Since the heat is radiating from the floor, its surface is nice and warm underfoot.

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