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Stop Feeling Hot And Bothered Over Heating Choices

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Every person, every family and every building has different heating needs. Choosing the right type of heating device will make dark, wintry days much more pleasant. Central Heating systems come with a lot of choices to make, and sometimes it can be daunting to know which is the best decision for your home’s heating. Luckily, you don’t need to be a heating engineer because central heating is a fantastic and versatile heating option!

There are a range of choices available when it comes to central heating systems (CHS) for both the type of central heating system, and the type of boiler used to power it. Whatever your choice, central heating will warm every room in your home evenly, and is great if you have a family, frequently move about from room to room, or even if you just hate cold spots in the house.  Pipes filled with hot water from your boiler circulate the house and warm each room to a pleasant temperature. Most come with timers, allowing the house to heat up just before the family wakes to start the daily grind and once more before they all come home. However, they can also be left on 24/7 for the whole winter if you wish.

Central heating runs off of a boiler. A boiler is similar to a hot water cylinder, but instead of just storing the hot water, it creates it. The boiler can make hot water purely for heating the home, or a combination, or ‘combi’, boiler can be a water heater for both the CHS and for domestic use (think showers, baths, and dishes). Deciding on the type of boiler is a big part of heating your home. Even if you already have a boiler, many are old and rundown and a more modern boiler can be a much more efficient hot water heater than your old one. Many old boilers are around 60-70% efficient, but modern ones can be over 90% efficient. If you’re unsure if your boiler needs replacing, look at this list of reasons to upgrade your boiler Entech: Why to upgrade your boiler to help decide.

A boiler should usually be a condensing one, which means the cold water entering the boiler is preheated by waste heat in the flue (pipe) gases. The water vapour produced is condensed and drained away. Occasionally, you may find that a non -condensing boiler is better, however this is rare and usually due to the house being unsuitable for a condensing boiler.

Your boiler is usually powered in one of two ways; gas or diesel (oil), and the choice usually depends on the bills and when you want to make them.  Both types only need annual servicing.  Gas boilers are relatively cheap but the gas itself is often expensive, however the bottles of LPG are easy to store. Natural gas is available to North Islanders only. Diesel is easy, the boiler is fully automatic when operating, just be aware that only qualified people can service diesel boilers.

There are two main choices when deciding upon a central heating system; either radiators in each room or under floor heating.  Both use pipes to transfer hot water from the boiler around your home. Radiators provide a more direct source of heat- this is great if you want somewhere to put your gloves to warm, but can also limit where furniture goes and be painful to touch (especially for young children) although it will not burn you. They are also the most cost effective CHS if you want to turn it off and on frequently. On the other hand, underfloor heating is reported to be the one that provides the most comfort, plus the best for your health. Whilst underfloor does typically take a longer length of time to warm up the house compared to radiators, this is not a problem if you leave it on 24/7.

CHS will not only warm you home, but it comes with a lot of bonuses such as using a fan convector or heating your towel rail for nice warm towels as well as heating the water for your shower!

Whatever you decide is the best form of heating for your home, there is no decision needed on where to get it;  Waterware has a great range of boilers, heat pumps, fan convectors, underfloor heating; essentially everything you want for home heating!

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