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Boilers are key for every home. They are the heart of central heating, underfloor heating and hot water systems; most forms of home heating use boilers in one way or another. Each boiler is different, with different fuels, levels of efficiencies and roles in the house, but each is key to keeping you happy and warm!  As boilers are so vital to the home it is important to have the best boiler for your home, and keep it effective, safe and working properly.

Boilers have a myriad of functions round the home. In central heating systems they provide the warmth to your home by pumping hot water through pipes to your radiator or underfloor heating pipe network. In your hot water supply they either directly heat the water or indirectly heat it through coils. Combination (‘combi’) boilers provide both your heat and your hot water, and are a vital organ in the home.  As boilers are such a central part of home heating it is important to keep them as effective as possible. Be on the lookout for any leaks, any pipes that had water drips in the winter should be checked by a plumber and replaced if necessary,  and if you use wood pellets or coal to power your boiler keep an eye out for soot build up. To create a good checklist of common problems to look out for have a look at Common boiler problems  for help. Sometimes your boilers problem is as simple as a frozen pipe or broken thermostat, but always call a trusted professional if in doubt.

It is important to keep your boiler up to standard, for both your safety and your health.  Boilers need regular servicing. Otherwise you risk a build-up of harmful bacteria, iron residue, particulates that can block or corrode pipes or many other problems. It is a good idea to get a qualified, registered boiler service person- you wouldn’t see anyone other than a doctor for health checkup, so give you boiler the same treatment! The same goes for if you are upgrading a boiler, don’t sell yourself and your boiler short by getting a second rate installation job done. Always pick the professionals. Companies like Waterware that sell a variety of boilers usually have a fully qualified installation team. For more information of when you should get your boiler serviced check out Homeserve: Annual Boiler Services.

When choosing your boiler it is important to know what fuel is readily available to you and the advantages and disadvantages of this particular fuel. With fuel you need to load in yourself such as Wood, Pellets and Coal, Wood is best. It is available in both the north and the south islands, is the most clean burning of the three and has a near zero carbon footprint.  With all three of these fuels ash and soot need to be regularly cleaned from the boiler, and you need to have a way to store the excess fuel. Pellets are cheaper than wood, but exceed emissions standard. Coal is very dirty and the boiler needs daily attention. Electricity is a good option to pick, very easy and convenient to use, but this comes with a hefty bill compared to other fuels.  Gas is expensive and natural gas is only available in the North Island, but there is low initial costs with both of them.  Diesel and used oil are the other two options. Diesel is the best, it is fully automatic when in use and only needs annual servicing, it is great for a hassle free boiler. Used oil is dangerous, and may be harmful to your boiler if the fuel is contaminated. It is banned by some local authorities so if you are planning on using it, check with your local council that it is legal. If you need more information on the different types of boiler fuels to help you decide which is best for your home visit Boiler Fuels.  

Waterware has a great range of boilers and qualified installation people. They will give you a boiler that is efficient, effective and safe  and help keep you and your home warm!

For more information about their boiler supplies visit their website or call 64 9 273-9191 to talk with their helpful staff.

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