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Showered with Warmth

Bathroomware Nz- Shower A warm home is a great thing to have. But even if you think your home heating is perfect as it is, your bathroom is probably one of the coldest rooms in the house. Having the ultimate shower experience in winter is something we should all get to enjoy, and a few tweaks to your bathroom can give you what you deserve.

The first step is to install a heated towel rail. This is easily done with a central heating system, as the hot water pumping round the rest of your house will already be helping to fight the chill in your bathroom. A ladder shaped heated towel rail will provide ample room for all the towels and pyjamas you want to heat whilst you’re having your shower, and will help to dry your towel afterwards in preparation of the next day’s showering needs. To ensure your bathroom has a good ambient temperature have underfloor heating, like heated tiles, put in when you get your central heating system installed. This will keep your feet nice and warm when your stepping in and out of the shower. Refin: advantages of underfloor heating has more information on the benefits of underfloor heating.

The next thing you will need is a good supply of hot water. Nobody wants to have everything set up for their ultimate shower experience only to find the showering itself is done in icy water. There are two choices to ensure you have a good supply of hot, either having a hot water tank or having a system that produces instantaneous hot water.

The hot water cylinder is where hot water is stored, a crucial role in the showering business.  Hot water cylinders come in two types; with a coil and without a coil. Heating a hot water cylinder with a coil indirectly uses the heat from your boiler. This is done when there is a set of radiators connected to the boiler, which would slowly contaminate the boiler water with iron residues and make the water unsuitable for washing. A cylinder coil is a little tube fitted inside the tank to heat up water, this happens by using water from the central heating system and pumping it through the coil. The reason the tube is coiled and not straight is because it has more of a chance of touching the surrounding ‘cold’ water and heating it up.  A hot water cylinder without a coil is warmed with an immersion heater, which heats the water directly (sometimes ones with a coil have an immersion heater as a backup for if the boiler breaks down).

Storing your hot water in tanks has advantages and disadvantages. It is great for dealing with a big demand, like after sports practice or during the after dinner bathtime/dishes/laundry rush. However, the tanks can grow harmful bacteria and when you run out of hot water it takes a longer time to replenish when compared to instant hot water systems. To help prevent this from happening, will help you choose the right sized tank.

Instant hot water heating systems work in a similar way to your kettle. This is usually done with a ‘combi’ boiler, which means it provides hot water for both domestic use like showers and for your central heating system. This can be cheaper as the water is only heated when needed and is very quickly produced from cold water, however instantaneous hot water heating systems are not so good with high demand and if the boiler fails there is no backup source for a hot water supply.

Finally, when you have you bathroom a pleasant temperature, a good supply of hot water and a snugly warm towel ready to wrap yourself in after your shower, you need to make sure the shower itself will be a good one. A shower head can make or break a good shower. Which one is best for you depends on who you are and what you do, from the eco minded parent to the hard-core labourer, you need to find a shower head the gives you the ultimate shower. A good rain shower head can wash away the day’s worries; and warm frozen and sore muscles.

Waterware   has everything you need for a warm, cosy, shower in the darkest depths of winter. Just look at our Bathroom and Kitchen range of products or call our great staff (+64 9 273-9191) for a chat and to find out more about our great range of bathroom supplies for you warmth while having the ultimate shower experience.

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