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Providing NZ with efficient Central Heating Systems and Solutions

Don’t be left out in the cold! At Waterware, we stock a huge range of whole-house and underfloor heating that will ensure you’re not shivering through those cold winter nights.

Whether you’re a bit chilly in Auckland or freezing in Invercargill, our team has the central heating systems and services you need to beat the season and stay toasty through winter. Whatever you have your eye on and wherever you are in NZ, we can help with hot water pumpsgas or diesel boilers, in fact any component or part for existing systems.

Pioneers in Central Heating Systems

Before it was commonplace, we were the first company in NZ to offer turn key central heating systems. Our solutions include underfloor heating, radiatorsheated towel rails, gas, diesel & wood boilers or air to water heat pumps

A bit of love and warmth from Auckland

Ditch the woolly socks and invest in a state-of-the-art underfloor heating set-up from NZ’s best supplier- Waterware. We stock a full range of components and parts to ensure that your central heating system is humming along silently and perfectly.

Underfloor heating is a new concept to many, so we want to make it as easy as possible for you to get to understand. Not to be confused with wall or ceiling-mounted heat pumps, an underfloor heat pump system is the most efficient method to save power while hot water pumps silently around your floors. By getting in touch with our experienced staff, we can answer homeowners questions and provide a free system design and quote for the most cost effective solution for your home.

Affordable, effective and toasty heating solutions for all NZ

Keep your family warm and healthy all year round with help from the experts at Waterware. Our expert staff can give you the advice you need to get your house to that perfect temperature. Call today on 0800 WATERWARE and get the help you need. We understand how many systems there are on the market, so let us unravel the mystery and find the perfect solution for your home and at the same time your bathroom!


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