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How to choose a kitchen or laundry mixer

It wasn't that long ago that kitchens were a pokie little room at the back of the house where the meals came from. Now days of course the modern kitchen is given the priority and space it deserves as an important social space for family and guests to gather and mingle. Sculleries are now common design features and laundries, once overlooked as a utility work room, are another opportunity to express some design style and flair. more

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Vaillant VRC700 Programmable Thermostat

Vaillant have replaced the VRC470 programmable boiler thermostat with the new generation VRC700 'multiMatic'. It signals a new approach to connectivity from Vaillant enabling all of its products, including heating, cooling and ventilation, to be controlled with this single multi use, smart controller. more

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Netamo Wireless Thermostat

The stylish Netamo is a wireless programmable room thermostat that can be controlled via a smart phone or any connected device. more

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If the name fits.... Smartclip is one of those game changing innovations that gets us excited. All the way from Denmark, it's difficult to limit the superlatives that describe this brilliant, easy to use, inexpensive and ergonomic solution to the back breaking, knee pounding job of laying underfloor heating pipe.

It is as simple as walking along with this stand up ergonomic tool and 'stamping' a clip from the convenient stack of clips stored within its sturdy frame, which automatically re-loads clips as it dispenses. To complete the process step the pipe over the clip and into the Ø16mm female slot.
Watch Smartclip in use:
More about Smartclip:

The blue, red and yellow coloured clips each represent a size range of wire mesh commonly used in NZ slabs while the black clip is an insulation staple with long secure barbs (Note: insulation staples available Novemeber 2015).
Clips are sold in loose 'stick' quantities or take advantage of our bulk pack rate by ordering outer carton quantities of clips and underfloor pipe so we can ship them inside the coils and pass on the savings.

Sharing the same robust construction, the height adjustable 'Professional' tool and the 'Standard' non-adjustable tool are each sold complete with a blue, red and yellow clip adaptor. The 'Staple' tool is unique to its clip and must be bought separately. 

For a limited time we are offering a free Standard Tool (one per customer) with a start-up pack consisting of a minimum 3 x bulk packs of mixed clips and <1000m of underfloor pipe, any additional tools we will make available less 50%. First in best dressed (best clipped) so get in quick to secure a tool from our first Smartclip shipment more

Carbon Black Tapware

We have been around long enough to remember the horror of avocado toilets, apricot & gold tapware and even brown shower mixers so will black be another passing fad? We think not in fact we think it could stick around as a long term colour option for the simple reason that just about anything with some shape and form looks good in black.
The same is true for tapware and it wasn't long before black started creeping into our tapware options for the kitchen.

In the bathroom we kicked black off early with our iStone range of basins, tops and cabinets and look what happens when you start mixing it up with the new 'Carbon' tall basin more

Commercial Hot Water Cylinders

How do you get 5000 liters of hot water from 1000 liters of cold water in just 60 minutes?

You take one of our new 1000 liter duplex stainless steel accumulators and bolt on some serious horse power - the 200kW 'Habanero' hot water module to be exact.

The good geezers at RM Cylinders in the UK have been knocking back multiple cups of tea working out how to take Darren's 'Habanero' concept from idea to fruition. In place of the traditional coil in tank style calorifier, an external heat exchanger and pump module manifolds directly into the accumulators pre-arranged ports.

This allows a significantly higher kW transfer than would normally be possible if using internal heat exchange coils without compromising any of the storage capacity. The result is large volume hot water production and rapid recovery on a smaller footprint and for less cost.

Hot or extra hot

The newly configured 500 liter and all new 1000 liter Duplex stainless steel accumulators are identically configured to accept either 100kW or 200kW ‘Habanero’ modules according to your taste buds.

Direct or indirect
If that's too hot to handle the accumulator can serve as a standalone buffer tank for less sophisticated and less efficient direct water heaters.

The devil is in the detail

Attention to simple details can make a big difference to the ease of installation so we have designed in the following unique features; more

RBM Tita-gas

Following in the footsteps of RBM's Tita-fix for water comes Tita-gas for.... gas.

Is Pexal still available?
As with the roll out of Tita-fix, as we run down the Pexal gas pipe and fittings we will substitute Tita-gas pipe and fittings until we make the switch completely. If your ordering online you will notice the Tita-gas pipe and fittings creeping in and replacing the Pexal part numbers. In the case of 40mm and bigger, our existing Pexal stock will continue for some time yet.

So whats the price difference?
Overall a typical gas pipe out has reduced in cost with Titagas. Most fittings are the same or cheaper with a few exceptions and the pipe is cheaper across the board.

So the systems must be compatible?
Yes they are, Pexal and Tita-gas fittings and pipe are backwards and forwards compatible and of course we will endorse full product warranty terms with any system regardless of which pipe and fittings have been used. Actually it is common place in Italy to treat crimp fittings as generic fittings for use on any brand of pipe.

What happened to one fitting for both water and gas?
Due to recent changes to the Australian Standards, it is now a requirement (mandatory in Australia) to have separate gas and water specific pipe and fittings. Although yellow o-ring fittings can 'technically' also used for water, water specific fittings with black o-rings should never be used on a gas system.

Is your old CBC crimp tool getting a bit cranky?
The old hydraulic CBC crimp tool has served us all well and probably vastly improved your upper body strength! We have come to the end of our CBC service spares so their retirement is likely to be sooner rather than later. We have struck a deal and bought a bunch of REMS mini crimp tools which we are willing to pass on at cost to our loyal pipe system customers. They are listed online here but disregard the price you see and get in touch to find out what we can offer you. more

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Luci2 and Vivo Toilet Suites

The dust never settles on the VC market and our products just keep getting better. The new Luci2 and Vivo share a number of notable improvements over the previous edition Luci and all for the same price as the outgoing Luci.

Both Luci2 and Vivo are available with a new stylish slim seat or the more traditional thick design. The all new stainless steel quick release hinge has no clumsy buttons, just a direct vertical click and the seat lifts free.

Unique to the Luci2 model is the innovative 'boxless' rim flushing technology. Along with a small back row of rim jets, the primary flush comes from a large pair of front facing jets which provides excellent clearing capability that results from the higher flushing velocity. Since there are no further rim jets positioned around the bowl it presents a much more hygienic and easier to clean bowl.

The proportions are so nice it's hard to tell but both models are the same compact dimension protruding only 610mm from the wall.

Click here to check out the full product details or click here to contact us. more

iStone Vessel Vanities and Mirrors

Bathroom fashions change like the wind and the latest onshore breeze is vessel basins.

Apart from fresh visual appeal, vessel basin vanities offer practical advantages as well. The elevated rim of a vessel basin does a very good job of keeping splashed water inside the bowl, off the counter top and away from vulnerable splash back joints.

Our new iStone range introduces interesting shapes, colours and textures to mix and match basins, tops and cabinets for a unique look specific to your taste.

Basins are available in a range of shapes including round, square, rectangle, oval, egg shaped, crucible and an in-between 'soft' square shape.

Colours and finishes including, translucent red or black, matt white, two tone matt white with black or natural along with traditional glossy white.
Click here to see the full range of basins

Slab tops follow trend being only 12mm thick and available in a matt mineral, matt white, super cool matt black crocodile skin texture and of course glossy white.
Click here for more slab top detail

Cabinets are sturdy and wall hung, which is almost the default choice these days. The foot print saved by not using a floor standing cabinet creates an illusion of spacious as well as making the floor easier to clean. Three stylish finishes in glossy white, and black or bamboo wood grain veneer finishes complete the look.
Click here for more cabinet detail

A double row of deep drawers feature soft closing hardware and concealed grips for opening. As we introduce the range we have decided to launch with 1000mm wide cabinets with the intention of adding more sizes according to demand.

700mm diameter round mirrors locked in glossy white or translucent red or black frames complete the package.
Click here to see more mirror detail

Vessel basins also open a whole new world of tap possibilities with extended height bench mounted or wall mounted basin mixers - the later liberating even more bench top space.
Click here to see the full range of basin mixers

All items ship in high quality, high density protective packaging to minimise the chance of damage.
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Caleffi Tempering Options

 Why do we need them?
To prevent the growth of harmful legionaries bacteria in hot water plumbing systems, hot water must be stored above 60ºC but... water this hot presents a scalding risk so a tempering valve is used to reduce the hot water supply down to 48ºC or 55ºC depending on the application. more

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Flowplus; Specialist Duplex SS Hot Water Cylinders
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RBM Tita-fix Multi Layer Crimp Pipe System
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