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Caleffi Tempering Options

 Why do we need them?
To prevent the growth of harmful legionaries bacteria in hot water plumbing systems, hot water must be stored above 60ºC but... water this hot presents a scalding risk so a tempering valve is used to reduce the hot water supply down to 48ºC or 55ºC depending on the application. 

How do I know which one to use?
There are 3 basic types of installations with differing requirements;

1. Domestic hot water cylinder
Standard hot water cylinder installations place the tempering valve near the outlet of the cylinder. Although the hot and cold supplies are balanced when flowing, when the system is static the hot pressure will build due to expansion which is why domestic tempering valves have a cold check valve as standard.
Caleffi make two options differentiated mainly by flow rates:
        TV5213 (15, 20mm)                         TV5216 (15, 20, 25mm)

        Up to 25 l/min or                            Up to 35 l/min or
        2 - 3 bathroom dwellings              2 - 3 bathroom dwellings
        (mains pressure only)                   (mains or low pressure versions)
2. Circulating ring main (or centralised hot water system)
Large domestic or commercial hot water systems often have bathrooms and other outlets a long distance from the hot water cylinder. When the system is static quantities of hot water sit and cool in the pipes over this distance. Consequently the delivery of fresh hot water when a tap is opened is delayed while the cool water is expelled.
A ring main is a continuous loop that gently circulates tempered water at a constant temperature so every outlet is only seconds away from fresh hot water.

Caleffi make two options differentiated mainly by flow rates;
               TV5231 Series                          TV6000 Series
               Heavy duty                               Extreme duty with
                                                                electronic control

                              Min/Max flow rates
20mm   10 to 92 l/min                     8 to 172 l/min
25mm   13 to 112 l/min                   12 to 220 l/min
32mm   17 to155 l/min                    17 to 468 l/min
40mm   25 to 225 l/min                   25 to 650 l/min
50mm   33 to 272 l/min                   33 to 805 l/min
Note: these valves will work in either a ring main or standard configuration.

3. Point of use
Where ultimate protection is required, such as health care facilities, tempering valves are located very near to ‘the point of use’ e.g. directly under a hand basin. This style of tempering valve offers extremely accurate and responsive temperature control. Since both the hot and cold supply pressures can vary independent of each other, point of use valves come standard with hot and cold check valves.
Caleffi’s 5213 Series meets both the Australian and the world recognised UK NHS standards.
                                         TV5213 (15, 20mm)
                              for systems between 4 and 25 l/min

For high temperature applications such as those commonly found in solar systems, Caleffi produce a high temperature version of both the domestic 5216 and commercial 5231. These models share the same specification as the standard models but allow for the input of hot water up to 100ºC.

If you need help designing a high demand hot water plumbing system or any general system design advice click here to contact our tech team.
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