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How to choose a kitchen or laundry mixer

It wasn't that long ago that kitchens were a pokie little room at the back of the house where the meals came from. Now days of course the modern kitchen is given the priority and space it deserves as an important social space for family and guests to gather and mingle. Sculleries are now common design features and laundries, once overlooked as a utility work room, are another opportunity to express some design style and flair.

The opportunity to explore new colours and finishes is greater in these important and practical spaces which are less confined by the need to be so 'matchie, matchie' (for want of a better word). There's nothing wrong with chrome but then there's nothing wrong with beige either - if its 1990 that is. Our new range adds brushed chrome, rose gold, black chrome, brushed stainless, brushed brass, matte white and satin black into the mix. 

As if choosing a colour or finish wasn't already a challenge, we now need to make sense of a bunch of options relating to size, shape and function.....

'Gooseneck' Spouts

We use this term to describe the up and over style of spout which by design creates a useful space below and behind the aerator - super useful for large pots, jugs buckets, you name it. Examples Orbit FWK0632BB / Urban FWK7238BC / Elisa FWE8763BL / Roman FWK0600RG below;

Extractable Spouts

Like the term suggests, these mixers have a pull out or extractable spray head. It might be have a single or dual spray function, it may pull out of the spout or it may pull out of the bench. In the case of the Flex mixer, the spout itself is made from flexible silicone which allows the spout to disengage from its swivel bar and reach around the sink. Examples Flexi FWK0609 / Maui FWK06001CP / Urban FWK0602CP / Urban FWK0607BLKCP below;


Dual or Single Spray Functions

Dual spray functions refer to a second shower like spray pattern which switches from the common aerator type outlet. The additional velocity of the spray is useful for rinsing down pots, vege's or even just the sink. Example FWK8786 below;


Sometimes, like in sculleries and apartments for example, space limitations require a tap that's not so tall or far reaching. It doesn't mean it has to be any less cool looking at these examples Calibro FWK2710 / Urban FWU0200BSW / Urban FWK0606 / Nova FWN8707B below;


Small but important details, some of these items borrow from the bathroom catalogue to improve the functionality of these spaces. For example Folding clothes hanger FWCL8195 / Liquid soap dispenser FW2053 / Cubic towel shelf FW8910 below;

Do let us know if you would like to see a particular model in a particular colour or finish but in the meantime check out our full range of kitchen mixers here or download our brochure here.

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