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Commercial Hot Water Cylinders

How do you get 5000 liters of hot water from 1000 liters of cold water in just 60 minutes?

You take one of our new 1000 liter duplex stainless steel accumulators and bolt on some serious horse power - the 200kW 'Habanero' hot water module to be exact.

The good geezers at RM Cylinders in the UK have been knocking back multiple cups of tea working out how to take Darren's 'Habanero' concept from idea to fruition. In place of the traditional coil in tank style calorifier, an external heat exchanger and pump module manifolds directly into the accumulators pre-arranged ports.

This allows a significantly higher kW transfer than would normally be possible if using internal heat exchange coils without compromising any of the storage capacity. The result is large volume hot water production and rapid recovery on a smaller footprint and for less cost.

Hot or extra hot

The newly configured 500 liter and all new 1000 liter Duplex stainless steel accumulators are identically configured to accept either 100kW or 200kW ‘Habanero’ modules according to your taste buds.

Direct or indirect
If that's too hot to handle the accumulator can serve as a standalone buffer tank for less sophisticated and less efficient direct water heaters.

The devil is in the detail

Attention to simple details can make a big difference to the ease of installation so we have designed in the following unique features;

  • All tappings including the inlet and outlet ports are side mounted for easy access and reduced overall height
  • TPR and CWE ports are vertically aligned for easy waste connection
  • Upsized 50mm inlet and outlet ports for low pressure drops and high flow rates
  • Integrated temperature gauge port
  • Convenient accumulator installation kit including gauge, TPR, CWE & primary thermostat

Click here to check out pricing or contact us if you think the 'Habanero' can put the heat into one of your projects.

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