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Concealed in-wall toilets

Bathroomware Nz- In-wall Cisterns
While we cant claim it was our idea, concealed in-wall cisterns are space management gold. They save space by hiding the cistern mechanism and tank itself all inside a 90mm wall cavity while being fully serviceable via the faceplate access hole. This reduces the foot print of the pan and the distance it extends from the wall. Going still one step further, the full framed version is designed to take the entire load of the pan (and person) off the floor enhancing an illusion of even more space.
Full framed version of concealed in-wall cisterns
Enter Alcaplast from the Czech republic!
Rising quickly from high achieving eastern Europe, Alcaplast have quietly become the one of the largest producers of bathroom ware in central and eastern Europe. Alcaplast have applied clever engineering and new manufacturing technologies to this well matured concept resulting in this range of concealed in-wall cisterns and face-plates.
Bathroomware NZ- Inwall Cisterns
It was actually the face-plates that caught our eye in Frankfurt 18 months ago. The beautifully engineered faceplates come in either chrome or white ABS project style or high style Fun and Turn stainless steel face-plates using a special finish that does not mark with finger prints.

New toilet pans complete the package
The new Luci back to wall and wall hung toilet pans complete the package adding up to a super competitive high end concealed solution for a similar price to most back to wall suites (excluding our own Luci of course). Speak to us about project or bulk buy deals.
Bathroomware Nz- Toilets

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