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Flowplus; Specialist Duplex SS Hot Water Cylinders

Central Heating Nz- Flowplus Cylinders
The new 500 liter thermal store cylinder is the latest addition to our family of specialist Flow+ cylinders from RM Cylinders in England.

The new CYSS500T Thermal Store is designed for thermal buffering of a semi controlled heat source with up to 60kW of instantaneous DHW production by linking the top three 20kW coils plus a lower 16kW coil for connection to solar.
Supplied with a 3kW side entry electric back up element positioned low in the tank to maximize heating performance, TPR valve, thermostat and boiler control thermostat.

Like all of our Flow+ cylinders, they are made in the same premium grade 2101 Duplex Stainless Steel and carry a 10 year conditional guarantee.

Click through to check out the full technical specifications of this and the rest of the Flow+ cylinder range;
  • 210 Liter Single Coil for high capacity DHW applications.
  • 300 and 500 Liter Dual Coil for high capacity DHW applications with dual coils for dual heat sources or looped in series for maximum heat exchange capacity.
  • 500 Liter Accumulator for use as a buffer for direct water heaters and alike.

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