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Grant Diesel Condensing Boilers

Diesel boilers have been in used in underfloor and radiator central heating systems for many years and remain a practical option particularly in areas lacking reticulated gas.

For some time now most world markets (not NZ...) require gas boilers to have condensing technology as mandatory to take advantage of drastically improved running efficiencies while reducing harmful emissions. Diesel boilers on the other hand have been slower to adopt but Grant Boilers in Ireland have successfully engineered this high efficiency condensing technology and produced the Vortex Diesel Condensing boiler in 26kW, 36kW and 46kW models.

What is a condensing boiler and why do we need it?

A traditional diesel boiler requires an operating flue temperature of 170ºC in order to prevent condensation forming in the flue and consequently destroying the boiler from the inside out. In an underfloor central heating application the circulating water is typically only 50ºC, if using a Grant Vortex diesel condensing boiler then the flue temperature needs only to be 10ºC higher or 60ºC - a huge 110ºC difference of wasted flue temperature which would ordinarily escape up the flue and vent to atmosphere. The condensation that still forms, is collected and drained away in order to prevent its harmful corrosive effective from rotting the combustion chamber.

The 26, 36 and 46kW models from Waterware include an advanced digital control panel but why?

The majority of Comfortplus system designs we produce have integrated domestic hot water (DHW). This approach takes advantage of the existing system capacity to load share and produce hot water while eliminating the need for a 2nd stand-alone DHW system. For the moments while the boiler is satisfying the DHW load, the boiler needs to operate at a much higher temperature than it would for the heating load - this is called dual set point. The more basic versions without dual set point forces the boiler to always operate at the higher temperature and thus negate the efficiencies made available by condensing. In addition, simplified wiring installation reduces the overall installation costs and home owners have a simple control to switch on and off either central heating or DHW loads.

What is special about the 'EZI-Fit High level' flue set?

Presented in a high quality powder coated finish, the EZI-Fit high level flue set elevates the side flue outlet up and away from the top of the boiler which is safer and more practical than exiting the wall at waist height - as you would if using a standard side flue system. The extra height also increases the draft through the appliance during shut down specifically, reducing sooting and servicing issues. Finally the whole assembly is a push fit o-ring style design with telescoping connectors which greatly reduces the installation time and cost.

Why choose the Grant Vortex Condensing Boiler from Waterware?

  • We don't import grey market products, we deal directly with Grant Boilers in Ireland. In fact we have the creator and founder of Grant Boilers visiting and have expo evenings planned for the 26th and 27th June in Dunedin and Queenstown respectively - open invite see details here.
  • We have a team of in house engineers ready and willing to tackle everything from a full system design, trouble shoot and commissioning support backed by a pro team of in-field technical sales specialists up and down the country.
  • We carry stock and spare parts!
  • We don't mess around when it comes to warranty support either - if its broken and its ours or the products fault we will pay product and labour costs to put it right.


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