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Imas Steel Panel Radiators

Steel panel radiators have been around since for ever so they all tend to look the same and do the same thing - therefore it would have to take something special to get out attention.

Located north of Verona near the foot hills of the beautiful Dolomites is Imas, one of only two manufacturers of steel panel radiators left in Italy. The cream always rises to the top and we think Imas produce the nicest range of steel panel radiators available anywhere in the world so what makes them different?

Higher output for the same size 

Since the majority of the radiators output comes from natural convection it makes sense that Imas found a way to pack in extra convectors between the inner and outer panels of both models 'Type 22' and 'Type 21' pictured above. If you compare the outputs size for size with the competition you will find a useful increase for no extra cost.

Flat panel conversion set

We like this a lot. Imas have produced a very clever flat panel upgrade kit that is easily retrofitted to any size (Imas) radiator. Concealed top and bottom clips along with high strength magnets take seconds to fit and hold the panel securely in place. It won't be long before someone asks for them in black but at least now it is possible.....

6 Ports - side and bottom connections

There is nothing unique about side and bottom ports except when you take a look at our Ivar valve sets. Project and Optima versions both feature high polished chrome finishes both at extremely competitive prices. Find them here.

Then above all else all the basics need to be right;
  • Supplied with wall mount brackets, air-vent and port plugs
  • Presented in a top coat of RAL 9010 epoxy-powder paint 
  • Manufactured from high quality 1.25mm thick steel 
  • Maximum operating pressure 8 bar, maximum test pressure 10 bar 
  • Well packaged with thick cardboard top and bottom caps then shrink wrapped in a tough polythene film 
  • 10 year conditional guarantee
Click here to check the full range of Imas sizes which are available now. Stay tuned for run out deals as we phase out the current range.

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