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Kzoao Design Improovement

Following market feedback we are pleased to announce a rolling design change to the Kzoao cabinets.

The Goal: to improve the drawer depth to allow for taller items like bottles to stand inside the drawer.

The Solution: Changing from two rows of shallow drawers to a single row with a deep drawer.

The Devil is in the Detail

  • The price remains the same.
  • To ensure the aesthetic proportions are maintained the overall height of the cabinet and top reduces from 540mm to 465mm. All other dimensions remain the same.
  • The old external handle has been replaced by a more modern 'concealed shadow grip' on the top edge of the drawer front (like our iStone cabinets).
  • The colour range remains the same i.e. glossy white, black grain and beech grain.
  • The part number will change, dropping the ‘E’ e.g. old version KZE600WH, new version KZ600WH

Rolling Stock Change (the tricky bit)

The new version will arrive in two shipments, the first shipment arriving approximately mid-June which will contain the following sizes and colours;

  • 600mm Black
  • 900mm White
  • 900mm Beech
  • 1200mm Single Bowl Black
  • 1200mm Single Bowl White
  • 1200mm Double Bowl White

It’s too early to confirm the ETA for the second shipment but this will be confirmed via a follow up notification as soon as we can. Both new and old versions will remain available concurrently until the old model is sold out - keep an eye on our website which will be updated regularly showing only those versions still available.

Let us know if you have any questions or issues arising - we are ready and willing to assist however we can to minimise disruption. (North Island FOW sales) (South Island FOW sales) (Inventory manager) (FOW director)

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