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Luci2 and Vivo Toilet Suites

The dust never settles on the VC market and our products just keep getting better. The new Luci2 and Vivo share a number of notable improvements over the previous edition Luci and all for the same price as the outgoing Luci.

Both Luci2 and Vivo are available with a new stylish slim seat or the more traditional thick design. The all new stainless steel quick release hinge has no clumsy buttons, just a direct vertical click and the seat lifts free.

Unique to the Luci2 model is the innovative 'boxless' rim flushing technology. Along with a small back row of rim jets, the primary flush comes from a large pair of front facing jets which provides excellent clearing capability that results from the higher flushing velocity. Since there are no further rim jets positioned around the bowl it presents a much more hygienic and easier to clean bowl.

The proportions are so nice it's hard to tell but both models are the same compact dimension protruding only 610mm from the wall.

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