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Netamo Wireless Thermostat

The stylish Netamo is a wireless programmable room thermostat that can be controlled via a smart phone or any connected device.

A minimalist design by Starck.


Choose the colour of your thermostat from the five interchangeable colours supplied.

Programming to reflect your habits.

The Auto-Adapt Netatmo function sets a program to reflect your habits. It predicts the start of the heating periods depending on your household insulation and outdoor temperature so you’ll benefit from the right temperature at the right time.

Track your energy consumption.

Each month, your personal Energy Savings Report helps you schedule your heating more effectively.

Wall or table top.

The Thermostat may either be attached to the wall or used wirelessly. You may then conveniently place it wherever you want and move it at any time. Adjust the temperature directly on the Thermostat or remotely from your smartphone, tablet or PC.

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