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Protank Hot Water Cylinders

Some installers will remember the days when a hot water cylinder lasted well past today's often feeble warranty periods. Protank electric hot water cylinders have been developed to meet the needs of those home owners wanting a high capacity, high pressure hot water system that is going to last. The internal tank and fittings are crafted from the highest possible spec ‘Duplex’ 2304 stainless steel and performance matched with Caleffi’s latest high flow valve set. 

Back To The Future

20 years ago Waterware shook up the hot water cylinder market when we created the Caleffi 'Combo Set' which provided the installer all of the necessary HWC control valves in one tidy pack. Since this time we have observed more hot air than hot water with a hot water cylinder market driven by cost cutting and very little by way of product innovation.

NZ - Italian - UK Collaboration

This presented Waterware an opportunity to develop a range of electric hot water cylinders based on innovation and durability with an exciting collaboration between Caleffi (Italy) and RM Cylinders (UK). Caleffi have a well earned international reputation as being perhaps the best producer of plumbing and heating valves while RM Cylinders have been manufacturing duplex stainless steel hot water cylinders in all sizes for many years including our bullet proof commercial sized tanks.

Packed with innovation;

Fast Install

Available with or without the Caleffi direct mount mono-block’ combo set which can save up to 50% in installation time.

Space Saving

Top entry and exit ports for easy reach and narrow installation spaces. A concealed 2304 Duplex stainless steel dip tube takes the cold to the bottom of the tank. 

High Flow

20mm or 25mm high flow ports according to tank size.

Ring-Main Ready

Return port for ring-main applications standard with the Caleffi valve set.

Wide Range

120, 180, 250, 300, 350 and 400 liter options.

Easy Waste Connection

TPR and cold water expansion valve vertically aligned for easy waste connection.

Long Lasting

Manufactured from premium grade 2304 Duplex stainless steel with a 20 year limited warranty (refer warranty terms and conditions for details).


Textured white powder coated finish.

Solar Ready

Two direct solar ports and three thermostat probe pockets on models 250 liter and over.


Dual elements on models 250 liter and over.


Caleffi Direct Mount Combo Set

Protanks are available with or without the Caleffi ‘direct mount mono-block’ combo set which can save up to 50% in installation time when compared to installing a traditional hot water cylinder using random 3rd party valves and components. The valve block quickly and easily seals the hot and cold connections via Caleffi’s full proof o-ring sealed union connections.

NOTE: Direct Mounting of the Tempering Valve

Notwithstanding acceptable methods detailed in G12, the manufacturer Caleffi have specifically engineered this tempering control valve to directly mount onto the hot water cylinder with no minimum pipe length isolation requirement as an ‘acceptable solution’ and alternative method of achieving compliance.

Protank is ex-stock and ready to ship. Check out the range here or if you have any questions get in touch.

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