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RBM Tita-fix Multi Layer Crimp Pipe System

RBM Tita-fix
Introducing the new RBM Tita-fix multi-layer, brass crimp pipe system for hot and cold water.
Central Heating Nz- TITA-Fix Water Brass Crimp
Why the move away from Pexal?
Its no secret we have struggled to remain competitive with Valsir Pexal but we are determined to only consider European products when it comes to pipe systems. The recent move to the composite Bravo fittings while addressing the price issue introduced an unexpected limitation - the male and female fittings being incompatible with any form of liquid or paste style thread sealers now popular and common place with our installers.

Is Pexal and Bravo still available?
Pexal for gas will continue but Tita-fix will supersede Bravo. As we run down the Pexal water pipe and Bravo fittings we will substitute Tita-fix pipe and fittings for the same price until we make the switch completely.

So the systems must be compatible?
They sure are in fact Pexal brass, Bravo and Tita-fix fittings and pipe are backwards and forwards compatible. We will of course endorse full product warranty terms with any system regardless  of which pipe and fittings have been used. Actually it is common place in Italy to treat crimp fittings as generic fittings for use on any brand of pipe. It goes without saying water fittings like Tita-fix and Bravo must not be used on gas systems.

RBM Made in Italy logo
So its made in Italy, how does Tita-fix compare on price?
The main difference between RBM and Valsir is that RBM produce the fittings in house where Valsir buy from a 3rd party. This makes the Tita-fix fittings very competitive even when compared with Bravo composite fittings and especially so when we get into the 32 and 40mm fittings. Comparing the cost of pipe and fittings at ‘Trade1’ for a typical 10 x radiator system;
Pexal brass fittings $1152.50
Pexal Bravo fittings   $956.50
RBM Tita-fix $1005.17
A popular competitors system $1061.67
Pexal Brass Fittings
Potable plumbing systems too?
Although our main interest in Tita-fix is for central heating systems, it is approved and used for potable plumbing systems in Europe. On this basis it can be used for potable plumbing systems as an acceptable solution under G12 of the NZ building code but it does not carry NZ or Australian standards for potable systems.

Titafix Tools
Same tools?
Yes the same tools as used with Pexal, Tita-fix fittings are compatible with a wide range of jaw patterns so you can use just about any ones tools according to the specification table below. The most important thing to remember is to always ream the pipe before inserting into the fittings. We will not cover any warranty claims where this procedure has not been followed. You run a high risk of unintentional o-ring damage and joint failure if you don’t.

And same range of pipe and fittings?
Even better. Tita-fix has some new fittings that were lacking in Pexal.Notably;
Straight Reducer 32x20mm
Male Elbow 26mmx3/4” 
Male Elbow 32mmx1”
Reducing Tee 26x16x16mm
Reducing Tee 32x32x16mm
Flat face swivel union 16x1/2”
Flat face swivel union 32x11/4”
Not to mention 40mm pipe in 25m coils which we presume require this guy to sort out....
We still have 50mm and 60mm Pexal (and are likely to for the next 50 years) if you need anything bigger!

 Just look at our Pipe System range of products or call our great staff (+64 9 273-9191) for a chat and to find out more about our great range of pipe system supplies for you hot and cold water.

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