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RBM Tita-gas

Following in the footsteps of RBM's Tita-fix for water comes Tita-gas for.... gas.

Is Pexal still available?
As with the roll out of Tita-fix, as we run down the Pexal gas pipe and fittings we will substitute Tita-gas pipe and fittings until we make the switch completely. If your ordering online you will notice the Tita-gas pipe and fittings creeping in and replacing the Pexal part numbers. In the case of 40mm and bigger, our existing Pexal stock will continue for some time yet.

So whats the price difference?
Overall a typical gas pipe out has reduced in cost with Titagas. Most fittings are the same or cheaper with a few exceptions and the pipe is cheaper across the board.

So the systems must be compatible?
Yes they are, Pexal and Tita-gas fittings and pipe are backwards and forwards compatible and of course we will endorse full product warranty terms with any system regardless of which pipe and fittings have been used. Actually it is common place in Italy to treat crimp fittings as generic fittings for use on any brand of pipe.

What happened to one fitting for both water and gas?
Due to recent changes to the Australian Standards, it is now a requirement (mandatory in Australia) to have separate gas and water specific pipe and fittings. Although yellow o-ring fittings can 'technically' also used for water, water specific fittings with black o-rings should never be used on a gas system.

Is your old CBC crimp tool getting a bit cranky?
The old hydraulic CBC crimp tool has served us all well and probably vastly improved your upper body strength! We have come to the end of our CBC service spares so their retirement is likely to be sooner rather than later. We have struck a deal and bought a bunch of REMS mini crimp tools which we are willing to pass on at cost to our loyal pipe system customers. They are listed online here but disregard the price you see and get in touch to find out what we can offer you.

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