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If the name fits.... Smartclip is one of those game changing innovations that gets us excited. All the way from Denmark, it's difficult to limit the superlatives that describe this brilliant, easy to use, inexpensive and ergonomic solution to the back breaking, knee pounding job of laying underfloor heating pipe.

It is as simple as walking along with this stand up ergonomic tool and 'stamping' a clip from the convenient stack of clips stored within its sturdy frame, which automatically re-loads clips as it dispenses. To complete the process step the pipe over the clip and into the Ø16mm female slot.
Watch Smartclip in use:
More about Smartclip:

The blue, red and yellow coloured clips each represent a size range of wire mesh commonly used in NZ slabs while the black clip is an insulation staple with long secure barbs (Note: insulation staples available Novemeber 2015).
Clips are sold in loose 'stick' quantities or take advantage of our bulk pack rate by ordering outer carton quantities of clips and underfloor pipe so we can ship them inside the coils and pass on the savings.

Sharing the same robust construction, the height adjustable 'Professional' tool and the 'Standard' non-adjustable tool are each sold complete with a blue, red and yellow clip adaptor. The 'Staple' tool is unique to its clip and must be bought separately. 

For a limited time we are offering a free Standard Tool (one per customer) with a start-up pack consisting of a minimum 3 x bulk packs of mixed clips and <1000m of underfloor pipe, any additional tools we will make available less 50%. First in best dressed (best clipped) so get in quick to secure a tool from our first Smartclip shipment

Follow this link to check out the Smartclip range.

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