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Vaillant aroTHERM Heatpump

Combine Vaillant’s reputation as a world leading innovator and manufacturer of central heating and cooling equipment with an insatiable focus on energy efficiency and it is perhaps inevitable Vaillants ability to perfect complex technology would result in the worlds perfect heatpump – the ‘aroTHERM’.

In the interest of retaining your reading interest we have to gloss over a stunning list of technical brilliance (tech geeks can find it here) and dig down to 5 x reasons this aroTHERM heatpump from Vaillant is a stand out and game changer for Waterware;

1. The most capable machine from the most capable manufacturer

AroTHERM heatpumps benefit from the same exacting DNA found in Vaillant’s outstanding ecoTEC gas boilers. German precision and a relentless focus on perfection ensures this complex technology is translated into the most capable and most reliable heat pumps ever seen.

2. Radiantly heat and cool

The multi talented aroTHERM heatpump can be used to radiantly heat and cool via underfloor. Built in humidity control enables chilled water to be circulated via underfloor circuits during the summer months for all season comfort.

3. Built in domestic hot water

AroTHERM heatpumps have built in domestic hot water production as standard (when combined with an external tank). An integrated electric back-up boost heater takes care of the last few degrees of high temperature domestic hot water production while doubling up as a severe frost protection mechanism.

4. Outdoor temperature compensation

Outdoor temperature compensation is now standard affair across the Vaillant product range via the one multi use VRC700 controller. Read this article to understand how out door temperature compensation reduces running costs while increasing comfort.

5. Simplified installation

A simple flow and return pipe connects the aroTHERM heatpump to a separate indoor ‘hydrobox’ module which vastly simplifies the installation procedure and locates vulnerable control hardware indoors - away from harsh outdoor environments.

The single phase 9kW and 16kW models are instock and online here . Stand by for additional models and sizes expected 2017.


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