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Vaillant 'calorMATIC' 470 / 630

The Vaillant 'calorMATIC'contollers open up a world of possibilities with the already outstanding 'ecoTEC' boiler range.


The 'calorMATIC' 470 is more than just a thermostatic room controller which is intuitive to use and easy to understand. It is a weather compensating controller that automatically controls the heating output according to changes of the outside temperature via an outdoor sensor. If the outside temperature should suddenly drop away the 'calorMATIC' automatically ramps up the boiler to compensate. Conversely should the day warm up the boiler will modulate down so the indoor temperature responds immediately as changes occur out doors but that's not all...

The 'calorMATIC' also applies smart logic to domestic hot water production. According to household demands for hot water, it can maintain a lower set point for stored hot water while its not required (e.g. the middle of the night) then restores the temperature in time of times of high demand (e.g. the morning) but that's not all...

If a domestic hot water ring main is in use, the 'caloMATIC' 470 also controls the pump function so that during times of inactivity the pump is not using energy.



The 'calorMATIC' 630 shares all the functionality of its smaller 470 brother but adds the ability to cascade up to 8 'ecoTEC' boilers together. To ensure all boilers are worked equally the 'calorMATIC' 630 automatically considers which boilers have done the most work and shuffles them to the back of the pack. In the case of a boiler fault the 'calorMATIC' also by passes the faulty unit without interruption.


Pictured here is a hot water skid just completed for the TSB Pool Complex in Stratford which makes use of the 'caolrMATIC' 630. It is a turn-key module providing heating for all the pools and the air handling system plus the hot water for the showers. The complete skid is designed, assembled and tested in house before shipping to site and lifted into place.


The skid features 4 x 120kW Vaillant 'ecoTEC' condensing boilers arranged in cascade, 1 x 500 litre RM Cylinder with 200kW Habanero all controlled by the 'calorMATIC' 630 controller. The temperature compensating system modulates output between dual set points and makes use of the built in time clock control to stand the system down outside of business hours. 

Get in touch if you have an application that might suit a customised hot water skid.     

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