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Vaillant VRC700 Programmable Thermostat

Vaillant have replaced the VRC470 programmable boiler thermostat with the new generation VRC700 'multiMatic'. It signals a new approach to connectivity from Vaillant enabling all of its products, including heating, cooling and ventilation, to be controlled with this single multi use, smart controller.

Besides being intuitive and easy to use it features outdoor temperature compensation.

Outdoor Temperature Compensation

What is it?

Outdoor temperature compensation regulates the indoor temperature by measuring what is happening to the outside temperature. Without outdoor temperature compensation, the indoor temperature will eventually rise or fall (according to changes in the outdoor conditions) but an indoor room thermostat can only react once the room has either gotten too hot or too cold.

What is the point?

By responding the moment something changes outside, the heating system can make small preemptive changes to better maintain a constant indoor temperature and an increased level of comfort.

Not only is life indoors more comfortable but controlling your heating system this way also reduces running costs!

How does increased comfort cost less?

Just about any heating or cooling appliance is more efficient operating at a lower rather than higher temperature. Because outdoor temperature compensation reduces the reactive 'swing' in temperature required to make a correction, the average operating temperature is reduced and with it the running costs.

Outdoor temperature compensation really is a case of win, win.

Check out the VRC700 here.

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