iStone round basin 380x110mm natural stone black marble

$1,162.62 inc GST
iStone round basin 380x110mm natural stone black marble


Natural Marble Stone basin

  • 400mm diameter x 130mm high
  • Carved from a solid marble stone which is dimensionally accurate, non toxic and durable.

Note: As marble is a natural stone, there may be slight variations in each individual basin's appearance

Note: Clikclak wastes are sold separately here


The beauty of marble products is that they have been formed over a million years. Originally beginning life as limestone, after being subjected to extreme pressure and temperatures, it recrystallizes to form marble with intricate patterns and colourations. Because marble is a natural product it is therefore subject to colour variations, crystallization marks and surface variations. This is part of the natural beauty of the stone.


  • How to keep marble clean
Marble is very easy to maintain, however, with the surface being porous it does need a little care. A regular, quick wipe with a clean cloth and tap water, or you can wipe it with some methylated spirits dabbed onto a cloth or dishwashing liquid and warm water can be used. This will help break down greasy and oily residue from grooming products.


  • What not to use on marble
Please do not use cleaners that contain strong chemicals such as bleach, ammonia, or acid. Even an abrasive cleaner is not necessary. These are all too harsh for the porous surface.

iStone Basins and Tops Brochure

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Specification Sheet

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