Verotti stainless steel 360mm basin brushed gold

$845.50 inc GST
Verotti stainless steel 360mm basin brushed gold


Verotti stainless steel basin in a brushed gold finish

  • 360mm diameter x 120mm high
  • ​Made from stainless steel with a seamless pressed finish
  • Comes with a matching coloured click clack waste

In order to prolong the life of your basin, simple daily maintenance is the key to keep your basin in its original condition. Use mild detergent and soft cloth for daily cleaning. If you destroy the stainless steel surface with chemicals, the basin will start to corrode and rust. Limestone and minerals in the water have a similar effect, so to avoid corrosion, rinse the basin with water and dry it with a soft towel after every use. Remove limestone and minerals with vinegar and not chemicals. Detergents containing acetone, saltwater or ammonia should not be used. Avoid contact with products containing high concentrations of acids, dishwashing detergents, bleaches, chlorine, steel wool sponges and silver polish with basin surface, as this can cause permanent damage to the surface of the basin and is not covered by warranty. Do not use sharp tools. Do not place smouldering cigarettes or any extremely hot object such as a hairdryer on the basin. They may cause burns or discolouration.

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