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Our Team

The Waterware team work to live, not the other way around but we work hard when it counts and remain conscious of the families whom are reliant on our company remaining prosperous and healthy.

Adam Yearsley - Director

Adam Yearsley
The middle child in the Yearsley clan, Adam has been with the company since it began in 1989. A jack of all trades, Adam steers the marketing effort and gets involved in virtually every other aspect of the business but secretly would rather be hanging out in the Coromandel bush.

Darren Yearsley - Director

Darren Yearsley
Darren is the technical genius behind many of our specialist products with a special focus on central heating and the weekend. Darren’s analytical brain and practical ability has been instrumental in the development of just about every technical product we sell.

Lisa Scholtens - Director

Lisa Scholtens

Now a Scholtens but still a Yearsley, Lisa brings balance and the missing 3rd dimension to the board room table along with spectacular chocolate afghans. Lisa is multi-talented and capable of just about anything from sales support to product development.

Jerry Croxford - General Manager

Jerry Croxford
What Jerry doesn’t know about the company’s inner workings isn’t worth knowing - he is the biggest cog in Waterwares engine. Jerry reports directly to the board of directors and is our most senior and trusted manager.

David Ronayne - South Island Technical Sales Manager

David Ronayne

David is our number 1 'South Island Intelligence Agent'. Years of working in the shady world of the plumbing industry means David is well connected and well respected by us and his peers. Although David's primary missions involve trade related plumbing and heating products, he is equally knowledgeable when it comes to front of wall if you need any intel.


Denis Loftus - Technical Manager

Denis Loftus
Too many skills to list here but good enough for Peter Brock so good enough for us. Denis puts some horse power into the tech team and will play a major role in keeping our range of products technically advanced.

Joff Croxford - Inventory Manager

Joff Croxford
Joff should have been an artist but luckily he works for us. Joff knows where it comes from, when it’s coming, where it’s going and what’s for lunch. Joff communicates with numerous international suppliers and overseas the management of our warehouse and the thousands of part numbers we stack in it.

Sau Nua - Warehouse Manager

Sau Nua
Sau had considered a career change once but we weren’t having a bar of it. He looks pretty scary but then he smiles. Sau runs our warehouse like a well-oiled machine which never falters. Sau and his team guarantee every order received by 3pm gets despatched same day and in fact most days all orders leave the day they are received.

Kevin Palmer - Commercial Business Development Manager

Kevin Palmer
Nobody tells a better story than KP and he has plenty to tell. Possesses a unique gene that prevents his body from aging so wouldn’t recommend any kind of physical contest with him. Having trade experience himself, he knows what it’s like working on a building site and what makes our trade customers tick.

Phil Maidment - Lower Nth Is. Technical Sales Manager

Phil Maidment
Being an ex-plumber and heating installer from England, Phil joined Waterware and bought a wealth of information learned from the very competitive plumbing and central heating markets in Blighty. It has helped hone our range by seeking out the most reliable and respected products sold in Europe. Well liked here, Phil can do or fix just about anything.

Rochelle Taylor - Nth Is. FOW Sales Manager

Rochelle Taylor
Rochelle has an eye for all things shiny and nice but not afraid of the technical stuff either. No disrespect to the boys but we needed a women’s touch in the showrooms. Rochelle’s previous experience working in the high end textile industry adds a dimension to our sales team that will better serve our loyal preferred resellers.

Shane Ebrey - Technical Product Specialist

Shane Ebrey
The only actual 'Iron Man' on our team, Shane does a power of work and is often the last to leave. A wealth of knowledge, he is a walking part number catalogue and a phenomenal copywriter. Shane has an unfortunate knack for receiving annoying calls at lunchtime but luckily he is also extremely patient.

Amalia Schoeman - Office Support

Amalia Schoeman
We couldn't believe our luck when Amalia knocked on our door while looking for a job we didn't have. As soon as we learned of Amalia's previous experience in the field of health and safety (which she actually enjoys??) we created a position and forced her to sign up. Fresh off the boat with her partner from South Africa we look forward to make kiwi's of them both.

Betty Peni - Accounting Technician

Betty Peni

Our office angel, we sometimes wonder if Betty has wings and a halo. Always pleasant, always helpful – we all want to be more like Betty. Impossible to unsettle so don’t even try.

Danielle Ware - Office and Marketing Support

Danielle Ware
Danielle is a fast learner and has quickly established herself as an indispensable asset within our team. Together with Betty this formidable 'dynamic duo' are ready to solve any riddle. And the surname fits...

Dot Street - South Island FOW Sales Manager

Dot Street

We have learned that getting the front of wall category sun to shine in the South Island will take time and talent. Dot arrived in our office like a colourful ray of southern sunshine - just in time and shimmering with talent. Perfect.

James Cuddihy - Lower Nth Is. Technical Sales

James Cuddihy

There was one very strong argument for not hiring James – he was one of our best customers in Wellington. Fortunately for us both, James is so well connected within the capital city’s plumbing and heating market he has made us too busy to look back.

Lewis Hughes - Tech Team Support

Lewis Hughes

We think it’s a good strategy to employ the millennial generation because their mortgages will be so huge they will be encouraged to work long and hard. Lewis is living up to this expectation and packs a physics and chemistry degree which has lifted the average intelligence of our tech team while baffling us daily with completely useless facts and figures.

Tony Burton - Nth Is. Technical Sales

Tony Burton
Completely sucked us in on the first interview with that smile not realising he has a passion for small firearms.  Tony comes packing some serious industry experience so we feel lucky to have him cruising the super competitive upper north region in Waterware colours.