Commercial duty domestic hot water and or central heating plant rooms designed and built off site according to specific installation requirements. Cost contained, these turnkey modular plant rooms are built on a custom designed steel chassis which is transported to site fully assembled, needing only basic wiring and plumbing connections to make operational.

Delivery and Commissioning

Typically the completed skid is transported via flatbed truck and lifted into position via appropriate lifting eyes incorporated into the chassis design. According to the availability and competency of local trades, Waterware can also contract in to commission the installation if required.

Domestic Hot Water

Commercial quantities of domestic hot water are generated via an optimised combination of appliances and duplex stainless steel hot water cylinders – the selection of which may be influenced by site limitations, client preference, performance requirements or fuel sources available on site.

Central Heating

The same heat source used to generate the domestic hot water can also be utilized to load share and generate the appropriate temperature water for underfloor and or radiator central heating systems or even for heating large pools.

Download our plantroom brochure

Download our brochure if you would like to understand more about our plantroom and skid solutions.