Waterware & Gentec: Safety Solutions Built to Last

Protecting Your People, Today and Tomorrow

Employee safety is paramount. Waterware partners with Gentec to deliver the most reliable and future-proof emergency response systems available.

Exceeding Standards, Every Time

  • Gentec Eyewash & Showers: Compliant with the latest workplace safety standards, their durable stainless steel construction ensures long-lasting performance.
  • Waterware Valve Expertise: Our high-grade valve packages guarantee water flow rates, treatment, and activation exceed expectations for effectiveness.

Confidence in Every Installation

Combined, our solutions empower you to install with confidence, knowing your system will protect personnel for years to come. We stay ahead of the curve, complying with current and emerging safety standards.

Shared Commitment to Excellence

Waterware and Gentec share a dedication to quality and innovation. This partnership ensures access to the most advanced and reliable safety equipment in the market.

Product Overview

Gentec’s Ecosafe: Reliable Emergency Response for Every Workplace

Uncompromising Safety for All Sectors

Gentec prioritises worker safety across all industries with their Ecosafe line of emergency eyewash and shower stations. These Australian Standard-approved units are crafted from resilient 316 stainless steel for unmatched durability in any environment – commercial, industrial, hospital, and beyond.

Built to Last, Easy to Maintain

Ecosafe’s robust construction ensures reliable operation for years to come. Uniform polished finishes and heavy-duty mounting fixtures simplify installation and maintenance.

Maximum Protection, Streamlined Efficiency

Gentec’s innovative designs prioritise worker protection while keeping practicality in mind. Straightforward servicing allows for quick and easy maintenance without compromising safety.

Sustainable Investment, Peace of Mind

Ecosafe units offer exceptional value, combining essential compliance with sustainability features. Backed by Gentec’s reputation for quality and technological innovation, Ecosafe lets you install with confidence, knowing your emergency response system is built to protect personnel effectively in any situation.