Public Spaces


Gentec: Tailored Solutions for High-Traffic Washrooms

Meeting Public Needs:

Public venues, from sports stadiums to parks, require washrooms that are both stylish and functional. Waterware, partnering with Gentec, offers a comprehensive range of solutions designed for these demanding environments.

Seamless Blend of Design & Performance:

  • Durable & Aesthetic: Gentec products combine sleek design with rugged construction for long-lasting performance.
  • Touchless Technology: Improved hygiene standards with touch-free fixtures becoming the new standard.
  • Resource Efficiency: Reduced water and energy consumption contributes to sustainability goals.

Built to Last, Built for Use:

  • Intuitive Design: User-friendly features ensure a smooth experience for all patrons.
  • Heavy-Duty Construction: Withstands the wear and tear of high foot traffic, minimising maintenance needs.

Investing in the Future:

Gentec’s solutions address key concerns for venue owners and create enjoyable washroom experiences for the public. These 24/7 reliable fixtures are built to serve communities for years to come.

Sport and Entertainment Facilities

Gentec & Waterware: Tough on Abuse, Easy on Guests – Public Washroom Solutions

Catering to Growth, Prioritizing Hygiene:

With surging attendance at sports and entertainment venues, touchless technology plays a vital role. Waterware partners with Gentec to deliver innovative and robust touchless fixtures – infrared and laser-activated – that are perfect for these high-traffic environments.

Built to Withstand, Designed to Impress:

  • Advanced Touchless Technology: Minimises water waste and promotes hygiene.
  • Rugged Construction: Stands up to heavy use and potential vandalism.
  • Anti-Vandal Stainless Steel: Durable and aesthetically pleasing sanitaryware.

Complete Washroom Solutions:

Gentec offers a comprehensive range – from sinks and taps to partitions and grab rails – specifically designed for demanding sports and entertainment venues.

Engineered for Abuse:

These products are built to endure potential misuse and damage, ensuring long-lasting performance.

Partnership for Success:

By combining Gentec’s expertise with Waterware’s installation excellence, we deliver top-tier public washrooms nationwide. Our collaborative solutions merge innovation and resilience, upgrading the experience for both guests and venue owners.

Product Overview

Public and high-traffic facilities frequently endure both deliberate vandalism and general wear-and-tear from heavy usage. Having fittings purpose-built for these demanding settings is crucial. Gentec develops products leveraging design expertise and technology to tackle any situation.

Waterware shares Gentec’s commitment to deliver only the most rugged, quality solutions to market. Our public space product range focuses on water and energy efficiency paired with effective hygiene factors – all while retaining durability to withstand continuous commercial use.

Between Gentec’s components engineered to deter tampering and criminal damage, and Waterware’s robust range standing up to everyday degradation, our partnership equips facilities with solutions made to last. Our offerings merge resilience by design with sustainability; crafted specifically so clients can install once while supporting their bottom line for years before replacement is needed.

By uniting Gentec’s unrelenting and vandal-proof hardware with Waterware’s efficiency-focused selections, we enable public and high-frequency amenities to operate reliably despite intense wear. Our heavy-duty fixtures bring confidence and value to owners while delivering safety and convenience to guests.