Hospital & Healthcare

Hospital & Healthcare

Waterware prioritises health and hygiene, partnering with Gentec Australia, a leader in innovative healthcare manufacturing. This collaboration grants access to top-tier tapware, sanitaryware, and support systems for hospitals and aged care settings.

Gentec’s focus on sustainable technology and design ensures both effective health outcomes and environmental responsibility. Their extensive product range, including temperature control systems, monitoring capabilities, and support rails, offers comprehensive solutions for healthcare facilities.

United Goal:

By combining Waterware’s expertise with Gentec’s innovative products, this partnership empowers healthcare providers to safeguard patient and staff well-being.

Hospital & Healthcare
Product Overview

  • Enhanced Hygiene for Healthcare: Waterware partners with Gentec (healthcare manufacturing leader) to provide hospitals and aged care facilities with top-tier hygiene solutions.
  • Combating Infection: Gentec’s innovative products prioritise infection control, featuring technology that mitigates legionella and bacteria growth.
  • Comprehensive Solutions: This partnership offers a complete suite of products (tapware, sanitaryware, support systems) for all healthcare facility needs.
  • Safety First: Together, Waterware and Gentec empower healthcare providers to confidently prioritise patient and staff safety.