Water Metering

Water Metering

Whenever centralized hot water production is used in a building it is usually required to be able to provide point of use metering to enable back charging of hot water consumption.

Managing water consumption in a multi-user environment such as a residential apartment block is critical to ensure water charges are accurately allocated to tenants.

Waterware’s HYDROLINK wireless water meter system does just this – effective measurement of water consumption.  

Water Metering

The system enables the remote collection and transmission of data recorded by the meter via a wireless network. The solution provides for a range of transmitting and receiving hardware options from simple ‘walk by’ to fully automated GPRS transmission solutions. 


 The solution offers a range of benefits including:

  • Significant time and cost saving over more traditional manual recording systems
  • Leak detection
  • Fraud /attempted tamper alarm
  • Error free data reading and transcription
  • Direct export data in excel format
  • Easy to use software

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