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BMeters Hydrolink - Wireless Water Metering

The list of successful Hydrolink installations keep growing by the week. Recent projects inlclude 11 The Avenue Albany - Alltrans Building Britomart - Westpac Towers Akld - Manukau Junction - Millwater Silverdale - Ecolab Hamilton - Surrey Crescent Apartments Akld - Grand Chancellor Apartments Akld - Federal St Apartments Akld - Guardian Apartments Akld (case study) - Momentum Apartments Akld - Powell St Akld - Pounamu Apartments Queenstown - Queens Apartments Akld - Rendall Apartments Akld - Elmwood Grove Manurewa - Taylor House Akld - St Albans Akld - St Benedicts Apartments Akld - The Orange Akld - Urba Apartments Akld - Ocean Point Apartments Orewa

We don't guess anything, luxury homes and commercial projects need robust high performance plumbing systems and smart solutions.

  • high capacity domestic hot water product from big homes to hotels
  • hydronic pressure and temperature control
  • wireless remote water metering technology