Bathroom Trends Favour Comfort For 2020

Whatever bathroom trend forecasts were made for 2020, they were certainly out the window before the end of March when the majority of the world went into lockdown.

Anything that affects society on such a deep emotional level usually exerts directional change on future design choices, so for the rest of 2020 and into the New Year, you will see trends skew towards the aesthetics of restraint, tradition and comfort alongside a renewed need for practicality and space.

Human nature will see us all yearning for organic shapes, nature indoors, the cocooning warmth of textures and a bit of spa-like luxury, especially in the bathroom and the vital role it plays in home self-care.

A free-standing model from Waterware’s ‘The Smith’ family of baths, its soft rounded corners and generous sizes make it perfect for families.

One of Waterware’s new bath models from ‘The Smith’ family, a family of four acrylic baths offering a familial aesthetic. Available in gloss white or the new matte acrylic finish giving the look of stone without the same weight and cost.

Bath side tables by Waterware feature ergonomic shapes and pair beautifully with free-standing tubs. A perfect place to hold your shampoo, towel or latest magazine.


Freestanding or back-to-wall baths are back on the design scene but they’re looking a bit curvier featuring a new matte finish. Visually appealing, an oval bath or one with rounded corners make for a soft contrast to the straight lines and more geometric shapes of a standard bathroom. Typically deeper than they are wide, bathers sit cocooned by water and able to manoeuvre comfortably. All-around access makes them a practical choice for those with children.

The Forme basin in Waterware’s iStone range is an organic zen shaped vessel basin, designed with the edgier bathroom in mind.

The floating Flotte basin by Waterware gives the perception of levitation while maintaining soft curves and strong edges, choose from a round or oval model.

Made from solid surface engineered stone, the Carre vessel basin by Waterware has a curved fall with pedestal detail, and comes in gloss or matte white with a removable storage tray for compact spaces.



Bathroom sinks are also saying goodbye to the traditional rectangle, welcoming vessel basins in an array of ergonomic styles and shapes. When paired with exposed plumbing and stone counter tops, you have a piece of functional art that does not let the size of the bathroom deter you from evoking a luxurious sanctuary. A popular combination will be a rectangle vanity top softened at the edges and complemented by a curvaceous basin.

Shiny finishes out, brushed finishes in! The Loft brushed copper tapware range from Waterware gives texture and boldness with a soft metallic look.

Add the midas touch to your bathroom with Waterware’s Scarab brushed gold tapware range, its soft hues and brushed finish exudes timeless classic. Optional knurled handle detail creates a bespoke, edgy look.


Much like earthy colour palettes and natural finishes becoming increasingly popular in interiors, textured and patterned tapware is a trend taking hold in the bathroom. Designed to create a bespoke, handcrafted look, textured tapware is a nod towards the artisanal and unique. Providing a nice, tactile finish to the tap, texture can enhance a space by introducing an unexpected design element. Look for finely serrated grooves and knurled surfaces to appear, especially on handles, and soft-brushed finishes.

The soft brushed gold on-trend aesthetics of Waterware’s Scarab tapware range flows through to matching bathroom accessories. Pair with black marble in the bathroom for tasteful elegance.

Warm metallic hues of brushed copper will give any bathroom an elegant look, Waterware’s Loft tapware range includes matching bathroom accessories to complete your timeless oasis.

Waterware’s Verotti basin collection are made from stainless steel with a seamless pressed finish in either gun metal, brushed gold or brushed stainless. Precious metals in the bathroom for designer luxury.


In recent year’s matte black wetware became the new neutral, adding stylish contrast to interiors. While black is by no means over as a bathroom trend, 2021 will see timeless metallics making a comeback. Soft-brushed goldbronze and copper can be warm, tactile, bounce light, introduce a little bit of glamour to any space and look particularly good when paired with other natural finishes like timber.

Waterware’s Liberty range of tapware boasts rustic charm and traditional elegance, transporting you back to a simpler time. Available in oil rubbed bronze, chrome, and more recently a vintage aged iron finish. 


Anything about design or décor before the coronavirus had to consider the ‘farmhouse factor’ – and due to its homely, reassuring feel, we will see a turn back to the romantic design, rustic elegance and tranquil allure of the modern colonial bathroom. Vintage look floor mounted bath mixers with spray hand showers, shower towers and accessories will all echo a simpler time.

Wall hung vanities create an illusion of space due to the floor visibility under the unit, thus giving you even more room for all those important bathroom essentials. The Kzoao range of vanities by Waterware come in many sizes and colours to suit any bathroom space.

A wall-mounted mini vanity can fit perfectly in a small bathroom or powder room, whilst maintaining a storage element and handy integrated towel rail. Waterware’s range from Kzoao are available in white gloss, black or white wood grain.


As a bathroom design element, floating vanities are certainly having their time in the sun. Wall mounted and suspended above floor level, they can have a significant impact in both small and large bathrooms by adding a sense of space.

It is safe to say the bathrooms of 2021 will showcase bold and bespoke choices to evoke an overall feeling of homely luxury.