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8 December 2020

What should be heating or cooling your home next winter and summer?

As technology continues to advance at a rapid pace, and the inevitable climate change crisis rears its ugly head, the million-dollar question on everyone’s lips is this: What should Kiwi’s be using to heat and cool their homes?

28 October 2020


If you are a healthcare facility or it’s design architect, you can protect and improve against the risk of infection and superbugs by using hygienically designed sanitaryware.

17 September 2020

Bathroom Trends Favour Comfort for 2020

Whatever bathroom trend forecasts were made for 2020, they were certainly out the window before the end of March when the majority of the world went into lockdown.

24 May 2020

Messana Active Ceiling

Waterware's recent launch of the Messana Active Ceiling system is viewed as a game changer when it comes to commercial and residential heating and cooling solutions.

22 April 2020

Introduction to Central Heating

Learn about the three methods of heat transfer - Conduction, Convection and Radiation and how they make up traditional central heating underfloor and radiator based systems. The latest type of central heating is a radiant ceiling based system, introduced to the NZ market by Waterware mid-2019.

1 September 2019

Active Ceiling for the Commercial market is now available

Active Ceiling is a heating and cooling solution that Waterware is pleased to introduce to the New Zealand market. Suitable for commercial applications.

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