Embracing Global Design for Individualistic Home Styles

Welcome to the first part of our blog series with Lisa, a visionary at Waterware. In this post, Lisa explores how global design trends are reshaping our homes into dynamic expressions of our personal stories. She delves into the evolving world of home styling, where bold colors and eclectic styles come together to create spaces that are uniquely ours. Discover how our living environments reflect our journeys, tastes, and memories in this insightful exploration of contemporary home design.

In the age of digital connectivity, our homes have become canvases for global design influences. No longer confined to local trends, we now have the luxury to infuse our spaces with a wide array of styles, bringing a touch of the world into our personal sanctuaries.

iStone Round Basin 380 x 110mm Black Marble
iStone Round Basin 380 x 110mm Black Marble

This access to global design is fostering a newfound bravery in home styling – people are no longer hesitant to experiment with bold colours or blend various styles, crafting an eclectic and individualistic approach to their interiors.

This global influence means that homes are becoming more than just living spaces; they are reflections of personal journeys, tastes, and experiences. Whether it’s the vibrant energy of a bustling city or the serene touch of a seaside retreat, each element we bring into our homes tells a story, contributing to a rich tapestry of styles that make our living spaces uniquely ours.

In embracing this global design ethos, we are not just decorating spaces; we are curating experiences and memories.



Liberty Floor Mounted Bath Mixer and Shower Set Aged Iron



Metallic Gold Bowl Setting

iStone Round Basin 400 x 130mm Metallic Gold