The Pulse

Issue 2: Meet Krishan, Timeless Bathroom Designs, Hybrid Heating Innovations, Hydrogen Energy, and Propane in HVAC

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In this issue:

  • Staff Spotlight: Meet Krishan, Your technical team support at Waterware.
  • Bathroom:
    • Rediscovering Timelessness: Lisa discusses the fusion of classic and contemporary design in bathrooms, featuring products like the Liberty tapware and the upcoming Boston Toilet collection.
  • Heating & Cooling:
    • Hybrid Heating Systems: Learn how hybrid heating systems blend heat pumps and boilers for sustainable living and reduced emissions.
    • New Zealand’s Hydrogen Revolution: Explore Waterware’s engagement with pioneering hydrogen energy projects, reflecting our commitment to eco-friendly solutions.
  • Plumbing & HVAC
    • Propane as a Refrigerant: Discover the environmental and efficiency benefits of using propane (R290) in HVAC systems.
    • R290 Refrigerant Gas: Gain insights into R290, a sustainable, energy-efficient refrigerant reshaping the HVAC industry.
  • Holiday Closure and Year-End Dates