Premium aged care provider in Palmerston North

The client had an ageing gas fired plant which was due for replacement, and as an organisation they have a strong drive for decarbonization and environmental responsibility. Replacing the existing plant with a hybrid gas and heat pump solution allowed them to guarantee performance while at the same time drastically reduce their carbon footprint.

What were the critical requirements that needed to be taken into consideration during the hot water production & heating solution implementation?

It was critical to manage the system change over, a temporary system was implemented so we could provide hot water while the existing plant room was stripped and rebuilt with the new equipment. Then change over was completed in a couple of hours.

What specific solution did Waterware provide to address the Client’s hot water production needs?

The system was split into two standalone plants, a dedicated system for hot water and a dedicated system for heating and cooling via the floor. Part of the transition to a heat pump driven system opened the possibility of adding slab cooling functionality to the existing floor heating system. The ability to cool the building radiantly via the floor was a brand new concept to the client, being able to use existing infrastructure to provide this new functionality was an unexpected gain for them.

In what ways does Waterware’s hot water production solution differentiate itself from other solutions available in the market?

Two main unique expertise used in this project is advanced hybrid control which integrates gas and heat pump in an intelligent way, the gas boiler backup’s are only activated if the heat pumps can not keep up with the loads by themselves. Due to the system design with multiple heat pumps in cascade with gas boiler backups gives a scalable solution with a huge range of efficient operation. The second area of expertise is in radiant cooling, being able to control the water temperature to avoid the dew point allows the existing floor heating system to provide some cooling power to the building during summer.

What were the key products or technologies utilized in Waterware’s solution for the Client’s hot water & heating systems?

The use of Ritter high temperature R290 air to water heat pumps in conjunction with Vaillant gas condensing boilers with advanced Messana system controls allows for the package to be delivered in a trouble free and cost effective way.

How can Waterware extend its expertise and assistance to other projects in the field of hot water & heating?

Waterware has a ground up solutions based focus, with a full range of products and expertise we can provide innovative solutions in the renewable energy space for hot water and heating/cooling space.


Written by Darren Yearsley