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Browse the Waterware range of precision-engineered diesel appliances including diesel burners and nozzles, indoor and outdoor diesel and oil condensing boilers, big selection of diesel boiler fittings and installation kits, fuel treatment products, and non-condensing fuel boilers. You can’t go wrong with a diesel boiler from Waterware, when it comes to affordable quality with a no hassle guarantee on all products and some of the most efficient, hard-working, innovative products on the market today. Waterware specialises in heating and cooling solutions whilstoffering exceptional customer service and a quality range of products that won’t break the bank. Call 0800 WATERWARE to find out more about these diesel boilers and other products.

Range: burners-and-nozzles

Range: condensing

$9127.15 inc GST
$9783.59 inc GST
$1837.47 inc GST
$382.20 inc GST
$286.73 inc GST
$780.41 inc GST
$1702.69 inc GST

Frequently asked question for Diesel Boilers

What diesel boiler products does Waterware stock?

We’ve got a both indoor and outdoor Grant diesel boilers and wide variety of spare parts, such as burners, nozzles, installation kits, and more.

How do I know what diesel boiler is right for me?

We’ve got an expansive range of options to suit. However, if you’re unsure what you need, feel free to contact our friendly team.

Do diesel boilers from Waterware come with a guarantee?

Yes, we offer a five-year parts and labour guarantee on our Grant diesel boilers.

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