Your Guide to Selecting the Perfect Kitchen Mixer

Why is choosing the right kitchen mixer so important?

The kitchen mixer is pivotal in blending functionality with style, making your kitchen more efficient, stylish, and enjoyable. It’s about finding a mixer that complements your kitchen’s design, enhances your cooking and cleaning experiences, and aligns with your environmental values.

What should I consider when looking for a kitchen mixer?

Functionality vs. Style

Choosing the right kitchen mixer involves a careful balance between functionality and style. This choice not only impacts your kitchen’s aesthetic but also affects daily kitchen activities. Here’s a look at how different features and styles cater to various needs and preferences:

Feature Functionality Style Considerations
High-Arc Spouts Provides ample space beneath the faucet for filling large pots and handling bulky items. Curves complement both sophisticated, classic aesthetics and sleek, contemporary spaces.
Pull-Down Features Enhances efficiency and cleanliness with easy rinsing of dishes and the sink. Available in various designs from minimalist to industrial, allowing seamless integration into any kitchen style.
Single-Handle mixers Offers convenience and ease of use, allowing temperature and flow control with one hand. Suits a wide range of kitchen styles with its sleek profile, from ultra-modern to minimalist, depending on finish and shape.
Touchless Operation Provides a hygienic solution to kitchen tasks, minimising the spread of germs. Often features a modern design, acting as a focal point in contemporary kitchens.
Water Filtration Integration Offers convenience and health benefits by providing clean, filtered water directly from the mixer. Aligns with both modern and traditional designs, depending on the mixer’s overall look.
Multi-Function Sprayers Allows switching between different water flow modes (stream, spray, pause) for versatile cooking and cleaning. Modern in appearance but available in styles that suit traditional kitchens as well.

Kitchen Style Compatibility

Selecting a mixer that complements your kitchen’s aesthetic is crucial in creating a cohesive look. Whether your space is modern, traditional, or uniquely eclectic, Waterware offers a range of mixers designed to seamlessly integrate with any style. Here’s how each range caters to various kitchen designs:

Mixer Range Design Features Style Compatibility
Cube Soft curves, pinless handle, innovative cartridge design for new handle shapes, brushed nickel PVD finish. Modern kitchens that appreciate minimalist designs with warmth.


Gooseneck or flat top spout, minimal handle that glides across the barrel, textured handle grip, aerator detail. Versatile; fits well in both contemporary and traditional kitchens.
Muse Modern take on the gooseneck extractable kitchen mixer. Modern kitchens looking for sleek design and functionality.
Roman Classic style gooseneck extractable kitchen mixer. Traditional or classic kitchens seeking elegance with modern functionality.
Flex Silicone gooseneck extractable, available in colours like blue, yellow, black, and green. Eclectic or modern kitchens enjoying a pop of colour and playful design.
Urban Straightforward gooseneck design. Any kitchen design appreciating clean lines and simplicity, both modern and traditional.
Smart Compact design for efficient space use. Smaller or minimalist kitchens where space is limited but style is essential.
Elisa Available in extractable gooseneck and standard gooseneck models, offering design and functional flexibility. Kitchens blending traditional design elements with modern functionality.
Carbon Minimalist design with a striking stain black finish. Contemporary kitchens with bold, minimalist aesthetics.
Elisa (Chrome) Minimalist aesthetic in a sleek chrome finish. A versatile option for kitchens seeking modern simplicity and brightness, adaptable to various themes.

Eco-Friendly Features

Select mixers with aerators and flow limiters to save water and contribute to a sustainable lifestyle without compromising on performance.

Material and Durability

Choosing the right material and finish for your kitchen mixer significantly impacts its durability, maintenance, and aesthetic. Here’s a breakdown of popular finishes:

Finish Characteristics Durability
Matt Black Modern, sleek, hides water spots and fingerprints. Highly resistant to scratches, easy maintenance.
Chrome Highly reflective, adds a bright, mirror-like sheen. Durable and easy to clean, but may show water spots and fingerprints more readily.
Brushed Nickel Soft, metallic look, warm, understated elegance. Excellent resistance to tarnishing and corrosion; hides fingerprints and water spots well.
Brushed Gold Adds luxury and warmth, sophisticated ambiance. Resistant to fingerprints and water spots; durable against corrosion; requires regular cleaning.
Gun Metal Bold, industrial look, dark, smoky appearance. Tough and durable; resists scratches and corrosion; effectively hides water spots and fingerprints.
Brushed Copper Warm, earthy tone, ages gracefully, gaining character over time. Durable, with natural antibacterial properties; develops a unique patina; requires maintenance.
Brushed Silver Subtle metallic sheen, sleek and contemporary. Resistant to tarnishing and corrosion; relatively good at hiding fingerprints and water spots.
Oil Rubbed Bronze Rich, dark brown with copper undertones, perfect for a vintage feel. Durable; hides water spots and fingerprints well; patina may change over time, adding to its charm.
Aged Iron Unique, textured look, from dark grey to black, makes a statement. Highly durable; resistant to corrosion and scratching; maintains its appearance well.

Selecting a finish involves balancing the desired look with practical considerations of maintenance and durability. Whether you’re drawn to the sleek modernity of matt black or the classic warmth of brushed gold, the right finish will complement your kitchen’s design and withstand daily use.

Size and Configuration: A Detailed Approach

Ensuring your mixer’s size and installation type matches your sink’s configuration is crucial for both functionality and aesthetics. Here’s how to approach it:

Measure Your Sink’s Dimensions

  • Length, Width, and Depth: Understanding these dimensions helps in selecting a mixer that complements your sink size. A larger sink might need a mixer with a longer reach or taller spout.

Count the Number of Holes in Your Sink or Bench

  • Benches and sinks can have one to four or more pre-drilled holes for different mixer configurations. Choose a mixer based on the hole count:
    • Single-hole sinks work well with single-handle mixers.
    • Three-hole sinks are suited for mixers with two handles or a single-handle mixer with a deck plate.
    • Four-hole sinks accommodate a three-piece mixer and an additional component like a soap dispenser.

Consider the Spout Reach and Height

  • The spout should extend far enough to allow water to flow into the centre of the sink without causing splashing and fit well with the overall sink size.

Installation Type Compatibility

  • Deck-Mounted Mixers are common and install directly on the sink or countertop, fitting the hole configuration of your sink.
  • Wall-Mounted Mixers save space and are mounted above the sink, requiring no holes in the sink itself but plumbing through the wall.

Future-Proofing Your Choice

Consider mixers with innovative features like touch-less operation and LED temperature indicators to ensure your kitchen remains technologically advanced.

Selecting a kitchen mixer is about more than functionality; it’s a reflection of your lifestyle, environmental commitment, and vision for your kitchen. By carefully considering functionality, style, sustainability, materials, and size and configuration, you’re not just choosing a mixer; you’re shaping the essence of your kitchen.