The Shift to Radiant Heating in a Torbay Family Home

In Auckland’s Torbay area, this family aimed to upgrade their 1990s plaster home with a heating solution that was both visually appealing and practical, especially important due to their children’s allergies. Their initial hesitation towards radiators, often seen as bulky and unattractive, was a significant hurdle.

Their perspective changed upon finding the Fondital Blitz radiators. These models were far from the outdated and large radiators remembered from schools; they offered a sleek and modern look that promised to fit right into their contemporary home decor.

The Process – Effortless Installation

Integrating new heating solutions into an existing home can be challenging. Yet, the installation of the Fondital Blitz radiators went smoothly. Professional plumbers efficiently managed the process, ensuring the system fit perfectly into both renovated and existing spaces without causing disruptions.

The Selection – Style Meets Function

The decision to go with Fondital Blitz was influenced by the need for a heater that didn’t compromise their home’s aesthetic. This model stood out for its flat, contemporary design, proving that effective heating solutions can also enhance a room’s appearance.

The Impact

After the radiators were installed, the family noticed an immediate difference. Their home became a cozy refuge during winter, with the radiators providing steady and comfortable heat. The silent operation of the system was a welcome change from the noise associated with traditional heat pumps, further adding to the home’s tranquility.

The family’s initial doubts about radiator heating were completely overcome by their positive experience with the Fondital Blitz. Appreciating the system’s ability to offer targeted warmth efficiently and safely, while also aligning with their home’s design, turned them into proponents of modern radiant heating.

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