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Heating & Cooling Method to Transform NZ’s Offices


Office Heating & Cooling Method to Transform NZ’s Commercial Market

Managing thermal comfort in the workplace is paramount for staff wellbeing, but New Zealand is lagging behind – until now.

In early 2019, importer & distributor Waterware introduced a radiant heating and cooling solution, popular in Europe and the United States, to the residential market in New Zealand. The system known as Active Ceiling was designed by Messana to provide radiant uniform comfort and energy throughout living spaces via the installation of panels in the home’s ceiling cavity.

In the second stage of their launch plan, Waterware have now launched Active Ceiling into the commercial market, allowing building and business owners to reduce their carbon footprint and utilise radiant heating and cooling technology in the workspace.

Waterware spokesperson and company Director Darren Yearsley says building and business owners can now enjoy a form of heating and cooling that takes up minimum space but has maximum impact.

“The commercial Active Ceiling solution regulates your room temperature using radiant heating and cooling technology. Its exceptional performance and customizability make it thermally and acoustically ideal for a wide range of applications; from offices, schools and conference rooms to restaurants, hospitals and airports.”

“The beauty of Active Ceiling is that it substantially reduces your energy consumption and lowers maintenance costs, not to mention the added health benefits of no air movement or dust circulation so it’s much healthier,” Darren Yearsley says.

Active Ceiling is a game-changer when it comes to space-saving and installation. It is compatible with gypsum tiles and are set into your existing ceiling suspension grid with easy access. There will be a range of different panel styles available for purchase and will be ordered on indent on a per job basis.

Whether you’re the main contractor, building facilities manager, installer, or client, you will enjoy the benefits that Acitve Ceiling can bring to your commercial project. Phone 0800 WATERWARE to find out more about Active Ceiling.

About Waterware

Waterware has been a market-leading specialist in the plumbing, central heating and bathroomware sectors for the past 30 years.

Waterware prides itself on its positive pre and post sales service experience, its ongoing drive for product innovation, and technical design expertise.

Partnering with internationally recognized brands, Waterware offers both component equipment and full service solutions including:

  • Central Heating & Cooling: Gas, LPG, and Diesel Boilers, Heatpumps, Radiators, Radiant Active Ceiling and Underfloor Heating
  • Plumbing: Temperature & Pressure Valves, Water Meters, Tanks & Cylinders, Pumps, Pipe Systems and Lubricants
  • Bathroomware: Tapware, Baths, Toilets, Vanities, Mirrors, Heated Towel Rails and Lighting

We work hard to source the highest quality products to meet New Zealand market needs and trends, ensuring they meet national regulatory requirements. Our products are supported by our extensive range of spare parts, in-house Installer training and Warranty assurance programs.

The business is located in East Tamaki, Auckland and provides a nationwide service from Northland through to Invercargill. Waterware is committed to delivering positive service outcomes for its customers across both product and solution offerings.


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