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New Bathroomware Aims To Inspire

Waterware, as a specialist importer and distributor of bathroomware, search for the latest on-trend products for the New Zealand market. Lockdown may have changed bathroom trend forecasts for 2020, but Waterware predicts a skew towards the aesthetics of restraint, tradition and comfort.

Homeowners looking to add style and warmth to their home are covered by the new release product from Waterware by leading brands such as Flova, Tune, Kzoao, iStone and Verotti – all bringing innovation, function, and style. The Waterware team can’t wait to show you how to add a bespoke flair to your home with the right fixtures.

According to Waterware spokesperson Lisa Scholtens “We are extremely proud of our new product releases, we are predicting trends to lean towards the aesthetics of restraint, tradition and comfort along with a renewed need for practicality and space. With 2020 being the year of lockdown, kiwi’s have spent time relooking at their homes and how they work and feel for their families. Organic shapes and finishes, nature indoors, the cocooning warmth of textures and a bit of spa like luxury, especially in the bathroom are part of our wish list”.

The latest addition to kitchen tapware is the Muse extractable range; combining its height, slim body and ergonomic angled handle make it a real standout. The range offers an on-trend extended colour palette, with an adjustable spray button and durable braided hose.

As trends continue to change and evolve, Waterware has noticed a surge of interest in matte and textured finishes in tapware. With this in mind they have landed the new aged iron for the Liberty range; a soft brushed charcoal finish as well as the new brushed copper in the Loft range with matching accessories.

If you’re all about seamless design in your bathroom, then Waterware’s ‘Smith’ family of acrylic baths are a perfect fit for your bathroom space. The ‘Smith’ baths are available in free-standing, corner, and back-to-wall styles in the standard gloss finish and the new matte acrylic – offering the look of stone without the weight or the price.

Leading the matte finishes is the new release of Waterware’s iStone bowls – solid surface vessel-style bowls with fine rims and ergonomic shapes, and added storage trays are a piece of functional art helping to create the feel of a luxurious sanctuary. Alternatively, adding the magic of metal with brushed stainless steel bowls by Verotti available in brushed gold, gun metal or brushed stainless with a matching clikclak pop-up waste adds a touch of glamour and industrial chic.

With storage often critical in the bathroom, Waterware have added to their existing range of mirrors and mirror cabinets. You can now also choose a satin black or white finish mirror cabinet in either a round or oval shape, each featuring internal glass shelving which can be directly mounted onto a bathroom wall. Their lucent black mirrors have also seen a facelift and now come with a matte black frame for an elevated fresh and modern approach. Various szies are available in both round or rectangle shapes, with a matte white version of their 1100mm size featuring shelf detail.

Waterware’s brand new bathroomware catalogue has just arrived hot off the press, and features all the new products you’ve read about today. Contact the team to get yourself a copy, or to find out more.

About Waterware

Waterware has been a market-leading specialist in the plumbing, central heating and bathroomware sectors for the past 30 years.

Waterware prides itself on its positive pre and post sales service experience, its ongoing drive for product innovation, and technical design expertise.

Partnering with internationally recognized brands, Waterware offers both component equipment and full service solutions including:

  • Central Heating & Cooling: Gas, LPG, and Diesel Boilers, Heatpumps, Radiators, Radiant Active Ceiling and Underfloor Heating
  • Plumbing: Temperature & Pressure Valves, Water Meters, Tanks & Cylinders, Pumps, Pipe Systems and Lubricants
  • Bathroomware: Tapware, Baths, Toilets, Vanities, Mirrors, Heated Towel Rails and Lighting

We work hard to source the highest quality products to meet New Zealand market needs and trends, ensuring they meet national regulatory requirements. Our products are supported by our extensive range of spare parts, in-house Installer training and Warranty assurance programs.

The business is located in East Tamaki, Auckland and provides a nationwide service from Northland through to Invercargill. Waterware is committed to delivering positive service outcomes for its customers across both product and solution offerings.


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