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Health And Hygiene-Conscious Bathroom Brand Hits NZ Commercial Market

Waterware, a market leading specialist importer of plumbing, central heating & cooling and bathroomware products, is pleased to announce the arrival of GENTEC. As a next generation plumbing technology, the GENTEC commercial bathroomware range offers multi-purpose, innovative and hygienic plumbing fixtures.

In the wake of the COVID-19 outbreak, Waterware identified a need for high-performing, premium products that could meet a variety of health and safety challenges in the commercial, health, scientific, hospitality, and industrial sectors.

With a forward-thinking approach combined with innovative technology and environmental sustainabiity, GENTEC provided the answer: commercial plumbing fixtures manufactured using high-grade stainless steel that help maintain a healthy and hygienic working environment.

Waterware spokesperson Rob Scholtens says that researchers have long been investigating how plumbing fixtures like basins and taps could spread infectious bacteria and superbugs, especially in hospital environments.

“GENTEC identified several risk infection factors with many standard plumbing setups, then set about providing products to combat them in a variety of environments. From biofilm buildup to bacteria around the basin and floor drains that allow bacteria to enter habitable spaces, there is lots of room for improvement.”

“We’re proud to offer GENTEC products that combat these problems, like basins with rear-offset waste, basin grate seals, smart technology, and anti-microbial materials. Ensuring all workers wash their hands properly will never be possible, but hygienic plumbing fixtures can certainly diminish the risk of infection and workspace contamination.”

The GENTEC range is available exclusively from Waterware, and includes an extensive range of products for high-risk industries and workplaces; such as health and aged care facilities, clinics, research facilities, public facilities, food preparation and dining establishments, manufacturing plants, and more.

About Waterware

Waterware has been a market-leading specialist in the plumbing, central heating and bathroomware sectors for the past 30 years.

Waterware prides itself on its positive pre and post sales service experience, its ongoing drive for product innovation, and technical design expertise.

Partnering with internationally recognized brands, Waterware offers both component equipment and full service solutions including:

  • Central Heating & Cooling: Gas, LPG, and Diesel Boilers, Heatpumps, Radiators, Radiant Active Ceiling and Underfloor Heating
  • Plumbing: Temperature & Pressure Valves, Water Meters, Tanks & Cylinders, Pumps, Pipe Systems and Lubricants
  • Bathroomware: Tapware, Baths, Toilets, Vanities, Mirrors, Heated Towel Rails and Lighting

We work hard to source the highest quality products to meet New Zealand market needs and trends, ensuring they meet national regulatory requirements. Our products are supported by our extensive range of spare parts, in-house Installer training and Warranty assurance programs.

The business is located in East Tamaki, Auckland and provides a nationwide service from Northland through to Invercargill. Waterware is committed to delivering positive service outcomes for its customers across both product and solution offerings.


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